Lee A. McBride III

Lee McBride, III

Associate Professor

Department/Affiliation: Philosophy
Phone: 330-263-2548
Office Address: 202 Scovel


  • B.A., St. Mary's College 1997
  • M.A., Claremont 1999
  • Ph.D., Purdue 2006

Courses Taught

  • Ethics, Justice, and Society
  • Race, Gender, and Justice
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Logic and Philosophy
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • American Philosophy
  • Themes in Continental Philosophy
  • Epistemology
  • Indian Philosophy and Its Roots


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Research Interests

McBride specializes in American philosophy, ethics, and political philosophy. His current research focuses on ethical questions taken from pragmatist, insurrectionist, and agrarian perspectives.