Leah Mirakhor

Leah Mirakhor

Assistant Professor

Department/Affiliation: English, Comparative Literature
Phone: 330-287-1931
Office Address: 218 Kauke


  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2011

Courses Taught

  • 110 College Writing
  • English 120: Writing in the Age of Terror: Transnational Literature of the Middle East & North Africa
  • English 160: Memoirs & Middle East
  • English 210: Unlearning Africa:  Diasporas, Neocolonialisms & Neoliberalisms
  • English 230: Heartbreak and Masculinity in Global Anglophone Literatures


Leah Mirakhor writes and teaches on 20th-21st-century Global Anglophone literatures, focusing particularly on Arab/Middle Eastern and black diasporic literatures.  Her project examines convergences of "old" and "new" racial figures of terror to trace transnational resistances to discourses of security and safety that support and direct American and British imperialism during the global "war on terror."