Independent Minds, Working Together
Sheryl Edmiston

Sheryl Edmiston

Assistant Admissions Counselor

Department/Affiliation: Admissions


Macon, GA and Tuscon, AZ

Why I Like Wooster:

Wooster is a close-knit community with wonderful traditions, caring and dedicated faculty and a diverse and passionate student body.  Even though I have been a part of the COW community for 14 years, I am continually impressed with what our students go on to achieve after graduation.   For many Wooster alumni, they have a career they are passionate about.  They achieve much in their chosen field and they are making a difference in their communities and in the world.     

Fun Fact About Me:

I like gardening and enjoy that downtown Wooster has not only a farmer’s market in the summer and fall, but also a local foods market that is open all year and several restaurants that serve local food.