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Silvia Wurzer

Silvia Wurzer

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Department/Affiliation: German
Phone: 504-338-1109
Office Address: Luce 249

Hello everybody!

My name is Silvia, I am the new German Language Teaching Assistant.  I come from Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck is in Tyrol (a small city in a valley in the alps), a 30-minute drive south from the German border and north from the Italian border.

I studied tourism and translation studies (Spanish and English) in Innsbruck. For my Masters I moved to Vienna, the capital city of Austria, where I lived for 3 years. Now I'm studying again, because I have decided to become a teacher. I have lived abroad several times; I lived 3 semesters in Spain, 2 semesters in Italy, and 2 semesters in the US. My hobbies are languages, traveling, animals (I love cats), cultures, good food, and sports. I love beaches and hot weather, although I go skiing in winter--which is what you might expect from people from Austria:)

I hope we will have a great year together, in the German house and in class. I will try to share as much Austrian culture as possible and I invite you all to join our activities in the German house. Please come to me when you have any questions, doubts, ideas, etc. regarding German language and activities related to it.

Ich freue mich auf ein abwechslungsreiches Jahr mit euch und bin mir sicher wir werden viel Spass haben!