Parents with a Wooster student in Scot band uniform

Parents and Family Association

The Wooster Parents & Family Association is founded on the principle that the parents and family of Wooster students are profoundly invested not only in the educational achievements of their children attending the College, but in the prosperity and direction of the College as a whole. The more knowledgeable and connected parents can become, the more they can help to further the mission of the College and enhance their own children's educational experiences. Therefore, the Wooster Parents & Family Association, of which all parents of current students are members, will provide opportunities for parents and families to become better informed about the College and to connect with other parents and members of the campus community.

A letter from the President and the coordinator of the Parents & Family Association is sent to each incoming class welcoming parents to the Association and inviting them to become further involved.

The Parents Guide (.pdf) is available online to provide parents with information about The College of Wooster's programs, people and policies, and to share some thoughts on life at a liberal arts college.

A subset of The Wooster Parents and Family Association, the Wooster Parents Leadership Council is a volunteer organization for parents wishing to be further involved in the College in the areas of development, admissions, welcoming new students and parents, and career services. In appreciation of parents’ commitment to the committees, Council members will be invited to an annual planning and information meeting with the President and key college officials. Volunteers will receive communications from the College designed for volunteers and leadership donors along with training and on-going support.

Parents and family members interested in becoming involved in the Parents Leadership Council should complete the Volunteer Response Form (.pdf) and return it to the address listed on the form.