Name Title/Dept/Office Phone Email
AARON, SabraDir. of Annual Giving/Vice President For Development (Gault Alumni Center 206)330-263-2599
ABRAMO, PeterDir./Center for Entrepreneurship (Gault Library 035 / Morgan 103B)330-263-2224
ADDIS, MarySpanish - Assoc. Prof. and Comparative Literature (Kauke 228)330-263-2381
ADLER, JamieOff - Campus Studies Program Coord./Off-Campus Studies (Gault Library 044A)330-263-2227
AGUILAR, JosephEnglish - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 302)330-287-1934
AKINS, PaulaExec. Asst./Dean of Students (Galpin 116)330-263-2011
ALBRIGHT, MindyNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
ALDERMAN, LucindaSupv. - Academic/Administrative Custodial/Custodial Services (Service Center 117)330-263-2323
ALKEMEYER, BryanEnglish - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 222)330-263-2506
AMBURGEY-PETERS, JudyChemistry - Assoc. Prof. (Severance 103)330-263-2014
ANDERSON, TimEnvironmental Safety Coord./Security And Protective Services (Service Center 116A)330-263-2282
ARMOUR, EmilyEducational Technologist & Pedagogy Applications Specialist/Educational Technology (Morgan)
ARMSTRONG, JessExec. Asst./Development (Galpin 304)330-263-2080
ARMSTRONG, MegAnnual Giving Officer/Development (Galpin 306A)330-287-3088
ARNER, LynetteAdmin. Asst./President's Office (Galpin 218)330-263-2139
ATAY, AhmetCommunication - Asst. Prof. and Film Studies (Wishart 115)330-263-2454
BAKER, BrettLaboratory Coord./Chemistry (Severance 118)330-263-2219
BAKER, MatthewSr. Programmer Analyst/Applications Development (Morgan 409)330-263-2211
BARNARD, JohnEnglish - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 216)330-263-2028
BATES, SuzanneRegistrar/Registrar (Gault Library 007)330-263-2198
BAUMAN, SamAsst. Football Coach - Defensive Coord./Physical Education (Scot Center 316-2)330-263-2504
BAUMGARTNER, KabriaHistory - Asst. Prof. and Women's, Gender & Sexuality (Kauke 113)330-287-1947
BAXSTROM, JerriFrench - Instructor (Lilly 204)330-287-1903
BEAM, LaurieNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
BEASLEY, MarciaAssoc. Vice President for Human Resources/Human Resources (Service Center 93)330-263-2016
BECKETT, KeithDir. of Physical Education/Physical Education/Department Chair - Physical Education (Scot Center 336)330-263-2189
BEHRMAN, AmyHead Coach - Women's Tennis/Physical Education (Scot Center 314)330-263-2637
BENCHOFF, MikeEducational Technologist: Specialist for Apps & Systems/Educational Technology (Morgan 425)330-287-4357
BENZLE, EmilyBenefits Administrator/Human Resources (Service Center 91A)330-287-3023
BERKEY, CarolService Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 220)330-263-2065
BERNARDY, CynthiaAdmin. Coord./Chinese/Classical Studies/Comparative Literature/Film Studies (Kauke 301)330-287-1932
BERRESFORD, DarleneAcad. Affairs Coord/Asst. to Dean for Faculty Dvlpmnt/Academic Affairs (Galpin 109)330-263-2576
BEST, AshleighAssoc. Director, Career Planning/Career Planning (Gault Library 031)330-263-2496
BIRD, InezSr. Support Staff/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 209)330-263-2003
BODLE, SharonAdmin. Coord. - Libraries/Libraries (Andrews Library 149)330-263-2152
BOES, KatieLaboratory Coord./Research Tech./Biology (Mateer 107)330-287-1950
BONK, JamesHistory - Asst. Prof. and Chinese - Asst. Prof./Chinese (Kauke 229)330-287-1970
BONVALLET, PaulChemistry - Assoc. Prof. (Severance 124)330-263-2610
BOS, AngiePolitical Science - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Kauke 129)330-263-2411
BOSER, BethCommunication - Asst. Prof. (Wishart 204)330-287-1962
BOSLER-KILMER, JoelSr. User Support Specialist/User Services (Morgan 424)330-287-4357
BOSTDORFF, DeniseCommunication - Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Wishart 103 / Lilly)330-263-2030
BOUGHNER, AnthonyHuman Resources Mgr./Human Resources (Service Center 095)330-263-2609
BOURNE, DanEnglish - Prof. (Kauke 215)330-263-2332
BOWEN, JenniferMathematics & Computer Science - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Taylor 307)330-263-2037
BOWMAN, TammyAdvancement Svcs. Asst./Advancement Services (Gault Alumni Center 305)330-263-2649
BRAZEAU, AliciaDir. of Writing Center/Writing Center (Andrews Library 134)330-263-2035
BREITENBUCHER, JonDir. of Educational Technology/Educational Technology (Morgan 403)330-263-2207
BRICKER, JeffEquipment Mgr./Physical Education (Scot Center 159)330-263-2251
BRIGHAM, TerriAccounts Receivable Coord./Business Office (Galpin 006)330-263-2431
BRODA, MatthewEducation - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Morgan 226)330-263-2424
BROOKS, NedMarching Band Asst./Music (Scheide 124)330-287-3620
BROWN, David "Geordie"Head Coach - Women's Soccer/Physical Education (Scot Center 327)330-263-2503
BROWN, MarleneComputer Systems Operator/Applications Development (Morgan 409)330-263-2375
BURCH, LauraFrench - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 204)330-263-2066
BURNELL, BarbEconomics - Prof. (Morgan 213)330-263-2417
BURNELL, JimEconomics - Prof. [Dept. Chair] and International Relations/Curriculum Commitee Chair - Urban Studies (Morgan 216)330-263-2308
BUTTREY, MichaelCirculation & Media Svcs. Evening Supv./Libraries (Gault Library 103)330-263-2137
BUXTON, CarolynSr. Assoc. Dean/Dean of Students (Galpin 119)330-263-2631
BYRNES, DeniseMathematics & Computer Science - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Taylor 303)330-263-2489
CAMPANELL KOMARA, LisaHead Coach - Women's Golf/Physical Education (Scot Center 337)330-263-2174
CAMPBELL, KaylaAdmin. Asst. - Dean of Students/Dean of Students (Galpin 114)330-263-2545
CAPONERO, KelliHR Analyst/Human Resources (Service Center 101)330-263-2165
CARTER, ConnieWork Order Clerk/Facilities Mgmt. & Planning (Service Center 127)330-287-3000 x1234
CASEY, MikePsychology - Assoc. Prof. (Morgan 108)330-263-2460
CATLOS, LynnAccounting Mgr./Bookstore (Lowry)330-263-2422
CHASTAIN, MattProduction Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 220)330-263-2065
CHESANKO, MelissaDir. of Sexuality & Gender Inclusion/Office of Sexuality Gender Inc (Babcock 104)330-287-3263
CHRISTEL, MarkDir./Libraries (Andrews Library 149)330-263-2483
CHRISTEL, StephanieAdmin. Coord. - Kauke/English/French and Francophone Studies/German/Russian Studies/Spanish (Kauke 213)330-263-2575
CHRISTINE, ErinAcquisitions Assoc./Libraries (Andrews Library 049)330-263-2467
CIRIEGIO, CarolynMajor Gifts Officer/Development (Galpin 314)330-263-2075
CLAYTON, SusanPsychology - Prof./Curriculum Comm. Chair - Environmental Studies (Morgan 107)330-263-2565
CLINE, DougAssoc. Head Men's Basketball Coach/Physical Education (PEC 114A)330-263-2518
CLUTTER, JayNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
CLYDE, KathieAdmin. Asst. - Human Resources/Human Resources
COLAPRETE, FrankHead Coach - Football/Physical Education (Scot Center 315)330-263-2177
CONLEY, MollieCoord. for Admissions Operations/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 208)330-263-2618
CONWELL, TabithaDir. of Applications Development/Applications Development (Morgan 414)330-263-2304
COOPER, KevinSupv. of Security & Protective Svcs./Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater 102)330-263-2562
COPE, BrianSpanish - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Kauke 209)330-263-2203
CORNELIUS, MarySecretary/Chemistry (Severance 107.1)330-263-2258
CORS, BradDir. of Development/Development (Galpin 307)330-263-2264
CRADDOCK, BarryAsst. Coach - Baseball/Physical Education (Scot Center 316-5)330-263-2505
CRADDOCK, EllenAsst. Coach - Swimming/Physical Education (Scot Center 316-6)330-263-2514
CRAVEN, ChristaSoc & Anth and Women's Gender - Assoc. Prof./Curriculum Commitee Chair - Women's, Gender & Sexuality Std (Kauke 008)330-263-2283
CRAWFORD, LisaAcad. Budget & Data Analyst/Academic Affairs (Galpin 113)330-263-2166
CROFT, RobinUser Support Specialist/User Services (Morgan)330-287-4357
CROSBIE, KarolEditor, Wooster Magazine/College Relations (Ebert 108)330-263-2187
CROTHERS, LisaReligious Studies - Asst. Prof. and South Asian Studies (Kauke 003)330-263-2257
CURIE, RickySous Chef/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 220)330-263-2065
DAIGLE, StevenArtistic Dir./Ohio Light Opera
DANCH, RichHead Coach - Men's Golf/Physical Education (Scot Center 325)330-263-2170
DAVIS, JimMgr. of Structural Trades/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center 111B)330-263-2162
DAVIS, KatieAsst. Dir./Financial Aid (Pearl 103)330-263-2535
DAVIS, SarahHead Coach - Volleyball/Physical Education (Scot Center 335)330-263-2172
DAVIS, WesleyAsst. Coach - Men's & Women's Soccer/Physical Education (Scot Center 316-8)330-263-2410
DELAPP-CULVER, CarrieMusic - Assoc. Prof. (Scheide 215)330-263-2601
DENNIS, ZachAsst. Football Coach - Offensive Coord./Physical Education (Scot Center 318)330-263-2195
DEVAULT, GaryStaff Accompanist/Music (Scheide 205)330-287-1910
DICKENS, ShaquezProcurement Specialist & Exec. Asst to the VPFB/Vice President For Finance & Business (Galpin 207)330-263-2581
DIDOMENICO, KathleenSpanish - Instructor (Kauke 210)330-287-1971
DIDONATO, KeithAssoc. Vice President for Development/Development (Galpin 318)330-263-2212
DILLS, RogerSr. Systems Administrator/Digital Infrastructure (Morgan 421)330-263-2278
DILYARD, MattPhotographer/College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 202)330-263-2144
DINSMORE, ShaneTextbook & Gen. Book Mgr./Bookstore
DIOLI, CatherineAsst. Coach - Women's Lacrosse/Physical Education (Scot Center)
DISCIPIO, VinceDir. - Digital Infrastructure/Digital Infrastructure (Morgan 426)330-263-2612
DITMER, NancyMusic - Prof. (Scheide 218)330-263-2052
DUNLAP, SuePreservation Assoc./Libraries (Andrews Library 049)330-263-2107
DURHAM, ChristyAdmin. Office Staff/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G17)330-263-2318
DUVAL, MarionFrench - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 205)330-263-2059
DYKSTRA, BrianMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 211)330-263-2033
EDMISTON, PaulChemistry - Prof. (Severance 213)330-263-2113
EDWARDS, BonnieGen. Merchandise Asst./Bookstore (Lowry)330-263-2421
ETTELL, JessCoord. of Student Rights & Responsibilities/Lowry Center and Student Activities (Lowry G16)330-263-2501
EVANS, MarissaElectronic Marketing Coord./Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 307)330-263-2025
FALDUTO, EllenChief Information & Planning Officer/Information & Planning (Morgan 4th)330-263-2230
FEIERABEND, KarlChemistry - Asst. Prof. (Severance 214)330-263-2613
FEIERABEND, KristinStock Room Mgr./Chemistry (Severance 017)330-263-2013
FEIKERT, BrendaAsst. Payroll Mgr./Human Resources (Service Center 92)330-263-2085
FERGUSON, SharonEducation - Instructor (Morgan 227)330-263-2099
FINKS, CathySr. Assoc. Dir./Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 106)330-263-2117
FINN, JohnDir. of Public Information/College Relations and Marketing and Adviser/WCWS (COW Radio - FM 90.9) (Olderman 103A)330-263-2145
FISHER, LisaSociology & Anthropology - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 129)330-287-1924
FITZ GIBBON, HeatherDean for Faculty Development/Academic Affairs and Sociology and Anthropology (Galpin 107)330-263-2576
FLEISCHAKER, RachaelMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 205)330-287-1910
FLORENCE, MonicaClassical Studies - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Comparative Literature (Kauke 202)330-263-2352
FLYNN, LornaInterlibrary Loan Assoc./Libraries (Andrews Library 143)330-263-2136
FLYNN, StephenEmerging Technologies Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library 158A)330-263-2154
FORBES, MichaelAfricana Studies - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 001)330-287-1911
FORD, ElizabethHead Coach - Women's Lacrosse/Physical Education (Scot Center 313)330-263-2182
FRAGA, DeanBiology - Prof./Curriculum Comm. Chair - Biochem. & Molecular Biol. (Mateer 304)330-263-2557
FRANKLIN, AaronSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services
FRAZIER, MichelleDir. of Business Development/Ohio Light Opera (Westminster Church House 108)330-263-2346
FREEZE, TimMusic - Asst. Prof. (Scheide 164)330-287-1978
FRESE, PamSociology & Anthropology - Prof. (Kauke 014)330-263-2256
FRIEDHOFF, ScottVice President for Enrollment & College Relations/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 217)330-263-2006
FRIEDMAN, JoanReligious Studies & History - Assoc. Prof. (Kauke 6 / Overholt 201)330-263-2448
FRITSCH, AdamPhysics - Asst. Prof.
FRY, EliseWeb Support Mgr./College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 207)330-263-2376
FRYBARGER, BeckyAsst. Dir. Campus Access/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson 201)330-263-2232
FUREY, JoanCommunication - Assoc. Prof. (Wishart 003)330-263-2647
GABRIELE, JohnSpanish - Prof. (Kauke 210)330-263-2468
GALLAGHER, JackMusic - Prof. (Scheide 208)330-263-2046
GALU, IoanaMusic - Asst. Prof. (Scheide 209)330-287-1965
GAMBLE, HarryFrench - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and International Relations (Kauke 206)330-263-2400
GARCIA, AmberPsychology - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Morgan 111)330-263-2629
GARD, ChuckMail Clerk/Post Office (Lowry 139)330-263-2394
GARVEY, KathleenCataloging Assoc./Libraries (Andrews Library 049)330-263-2093
GILLUND, GaryPsychology - Assoc. Prof. and Neuroscience (Morgan 110)330-263-2370
GINTHER, BeckyService Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 220)330-263-2065
GLICK, SteveDir. of Security & Protective Svcs./Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater 202)330-263-2510
GOLDBERG, DonCommunication - Prof. (Wishart 203)330-263-2029
GOOCH, MarkCollection Management & Discovery Svcs. Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library 141)330-263-2522
GORRELL, MikeOperations Mgr./Post Office (Lowry 139)330-263-2567
GOTTLIEB KING, CallyDir. of Design/College Relations and Marketing (Ebert 105)330-263-2188
GRAHAM, MarkReligious Studies - Assoc. Prof. and East Asian Studies/Curriculum Comm. Chair - South Asian Studies (Kauke 004)330-263-2138
GRAY, LindaCatering & Retail Operations Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 137)330-263-2355
GRAY, SelenaCheerleading Advisor/Physical Education (Scot Center)
GRAY, Simon J. M.Mathematics & Computer Science - Assoc. Prof. (Taylor 313)330-263-2284
GREEN, ChuckSupv. - Academic/Administrative Custodial/Custodial Services (Service Center 117)330-263-2323
GRIFFITHS, AbigailBookstore Specialist/Bookstore
GROSS, CharleneCostume Designer/Theatre & Dance - Adjunct/Theatre And Dance (Freedlander)330-263-2479
GRUGEL-WATSON, ManonLab Tech./Physics (Taylor 102)330-263-2105
GUILLEN, JenSociology & Anthropology - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 024)330-287-1926
GULLATTA, KateLearning Center Consultant/Learning Center (Gault Library 002)330-263-2595
GUSTAFSON, Julia ChanceResearch & Outreach Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library 158C)330-263-2315
HALL, TessaWriting Center Consultant/Writing Center (Andrews Library)330-263-2644
HAMMOND, CaraClinical Supv./Freedlander Speech & Hearing Clinic (Wishart 007)330-263-2073
HANS, LindaTransportation Team Leader/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center Front)330-263-2164
HARLAND, TomSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services/Notary Public (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
HARRINGTON, RobHead Coach - Swimming/Physical Education (Scot Center 320)330-263-2178
HARRISON, JohnBus Driver/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center)330-263-2164
HARSTINE, EmilyCounselor/Student Wellness Center
HARTMAN, JimMathematics & Computer Science - Prof. (Taylor 305)330-263-2239
HARTZLER, LoriNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-287-3027
HASENYAGER, ZacharyHead Coach - Men's Tennis/Physical Education
HAUSER, DenaSupport Staff/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 209)330-263-2657
HAYWARD, JenniferEnglish - Prof. (Kauke 217)330-263-2397
HEITGER, JoyceCopy Center Supv./Copy Center (Lowry 136)330-263-2588
HENERY, BobMgr of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center 104A)330-287-1937
HERRICK, BenMusic - Adjunct (Scheide)
HERRMANN, MareikeGerman & Russian Studies - Assoc. Prof. and Film Studies (Kauke 232)330-263-2482
HERZMANN, GritPsychology - Asst. Prof. (Morgan 301A)330-263-2031
HETTINGER, MadonnaHistory - Prof. (Kauke 118)330-263-2439
HICKS, MikeDir. of Bookstore Operations/Bookstore (Lowry 114)330-263-2147
HIGGINBOTHAM, JuliusAsst. Coach - Football & Track/Physical Education (Scot Center 316-1)330-263-2574
HODKINSON, AnnNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
HOLLIN, SueMail Clerk/Post Office (Lowry 139)330-263-2394
HOLMES, GinaAssoc. Dir. of Research & Planning/Information & Planning (Morgan 406)330-263-2233
HOLMES, LaurenSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2568
HOLMES, MichaelMusic - Adjunct (Scheide)
HOLT, KatieHistory - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Kauke 119)330-263-2528
HOLTZ, TracyMgr. of Procurement/Purchasing (Galpin 021)330-263-2367
HOPKINS, AppleTeacher/Nursery School (Westminster Church House)330-263-2131
HOPKINS, JohnAssoc. Vice President of College Relations/College Relations And Marketing (Olderman 101)330-263-2082
HORN, MeghanAsst. to Athletic Director/Assistant Track & Field Coach/Physical Education (Scot Center 324)330-263-2300
HORST, EstherHead Nurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center 403)330-263-2038
HORST, JanetNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2294
HOTHEM, LeeElec. & Instruments Tech./Physics (Mateer G03)330-263-2551
HOUCK, LaurieVP for Development & Alumni Relations/Development (Galpin 303)330-263-2583
HOUSER, RussellAssist Dir of Phys Ed, Athletics & Rec Facilities & Oper/Physical Education (Scot Center 340)330-263-2183
HOWARD, HughDir. of Sports Information/College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 203)330-263-2374
HUDSON, NickMusic - Adjunct
HUSTON, NateAsst. Trainer/Physical Education (PEC 135)330-287-1916
HUSTON-FINDLEY, ShirleyTheatre & Dance - Prof. [Dept. Chair] and South Asian Studies (Wishart 118)330-263-2543
HUSTWIT, RonPhilosophy - Prof./Department Chair - Religious Studies (Scovel 101)330-263-2485
HUTSON, MichaelSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
JACOBS, DonSr. Researcher/Physics (Taylor 108)330-263-2390
JAMES, BrandonSecondary Asst. Football Coach/Physical Education (Scot Center)
JAMIESON, KristineAssoc. Registrar/Registrar (Gault Library 006)330-263-2196
JEFFERS, AndreaAdmin. Coord. - Physical Education/Physical Education (Scot Center 301A)330-263-2499
JIANG, JessieProgram Coord./Office of International Student Affairs (Babcock 100)330-287-3511
JOHNSON, MichelleCommunication - Assoc. Prof. (Wishart 114)330-263-2058
JOHNSTON, AngelaChief of Staff & Secretary of the College/President's Office (Galpin 223)330-263-2141
JONES, ScottAssoc Dir of Admissions/Systems & Communications Analyst/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 210)330-263-2134
JUDGE, ShelleyGeology - Assoc. Prof. (Scovel 118)330-263-2297
KACHUR, JackieAsst. Trainer/Physical Education (PEC 135)330-287-1987
KAMMER, ChuckReligious Studies - Prof. (Kauke 023)330-263-2473
KANIPE, MarleneAsst. Controller/Business Office (Galpin 209)330-263-2585
KARAZSIA, BryanPsychology - Assoc. Prof. (Morgan 109)330-263-2632
KARDULIAS, NickSociology&Anth and Archaeology - Prof. and Archaeology (Kauke 020)330-263-2474
KARR, TracyAssoc. Dir. - Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 214)330-263-2578
KASTOR, LisaDir. of Career Planning/Career Planning (Gault Library 030)330-263-2496
KAVANAGH, PeterHead Coach - Men's Lacrosse/Physical Education
KAY, LaleneMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 116)330-263-2419
KEEGAN, GladysPurchasing Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 213)330-263-2569
KELLY, SethBiology - Asst. Prof. (Mateer 303C)330-263-2053
KEMPTHORN, AmberArt & Art History - Asst. Prof. (Ebert 117)330-287-1983
KENNEDY, DexterMusic - Adjunct
KIDDER, MandyHR Asst./Human Resources (Service Center Stora)330-263-2526
KILBANE, DebbieSr. Programmer Analyst/Applications Development (Morgan 411)330-263-2291
KILLE, KentPolitical Science - Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 106)330-263-2456
KILLE, NicolaAsst. Dir./Center for Diversity & Global Engagement and Assoc. Dir. of Off - Campus Studies/Off-Campus Studies (Babcock 101)330-263-2074
KILPATRICK, MaryB - WISER Coord./Academic Affairs330-263-2101
KING, ShannonHistory - Assoc. Prof. (Kauke 114)330-263-2387
KIRK, JoeAssoc. Dir. of SPS & Dir. of Greek Life/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2342
KIRSCH, RondaMathematics Center Coord./Mathematics & Computer Science (Taylor 301)330-263-2490
KISER, SandiExec. Asst./Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 220)330-263-2118
KOBYLANSKI, CarolExec. Mgr. of Custodial Svcs./Custodial Services (Compton 102)330-263-2646
KRAIN, MattPolitical Science - Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 104)330-263-2469
KREUZMAN, HenryDean for Curriculum & Acad. Engagement/Academic Affairs and Philosophy (Galpin 108)330-263-2008
KREUZMAN, Mary JoMathematics & Computer Science - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 310)330-263-2455
KRITES, DanAsst. Dir. for Media Svcs./Digital Infrastructure (Morgan 410)330-263-2024
LADITKA, DougAssoc Vice Pres Faciliteis Management & Development/Facilities Mgmt. & Planning (Service Center 128)330-263-2143
LADITKA, RobynAssoc. Dean of Students for Retention & Acad. Engageme/Dean of Students (Galpin 121)330-263-2545
LALONDE, MarylouAsst. Dir. - Career Planning/Career Planning (Gault Library 033)330-263-2496
LANTIS, JeffPolitical Science - Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 107)330-263-2408
LARSON, AmberAsst. Dir./Learning Center (Gault Library 001)330-263-2595
LAUBE, CharlieAssoc. Dir. - Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 215)330-263-2589
LAW, Elys KettlingResearch & Information Svcs. Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library 158B)330-263-2443
LAWRY, SeanMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 112)330-263-2419
LEARY, CodyPhysics - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 208)330-263-2274
LEE, GillianWriting Center Consultant/Writing Center (Andrews Library)330-263-2644
LEHMAN, SusanPhysics - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Taylor 105)330-263-2214
LEHTINEN, RickBiology - Assoc. Prof. (Mateer 206)330-263-2271
LEIBY, MichelePolitical Science - Asst. Prof. and International Relations/Latin American Studies (Kauke 105)330-287-1951
LEWELLEN, PamelaTeacher/Nursery School (Westminster Church House)330-263-2131
LEWIS, KarenPhysics - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 106)330-263-2488
LIETZKE, MitchGrounds Crew Mechanic/Campus Grounds (Papp Stadium)330-263-2606
LINDBERG, JeffMusic - Prof. (Scheide 217)330-263-2047
LINDNER, JohnPhysics - Prof. (Taylor 107)330-263-2120
LIVENGOOD, MarkBus Driver/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center 106C)330-287-3558
LOCONTI, DennisArea Dir./Residence Life (Lowry G16)330-263-2480
LOGAN, DaySerials Assoc./Libraries (Andrews Library 049)330-263-2130
LOMBARDO, AliDir. of Sponsored Research & Foundation Relations/Development (Galpin 306)330-263-2293
LOVE, TomHead Trainer/Physical Education (PEC 135)330-263-2184
LOVELESS, LynBiology - Prof. (Mateer 209)330-263-2022
LOWRY, KevinAdmin. Asst. - Dean of Students/Dean of Students/Notary Public (Galpin 122)330-263-2631
LUESCHEN, DavidMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 223)330-287-3000 x2848
LUTSCH, DesireeAccounts Payable Mgr./Business Office (Galpin 013)330-263-2086
LYLES, JohnGerman & Russian Studies - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 230)330-287-1940
LYNN, SharonBiology - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Neuroscience/Women's, Gender & Sexuality (Mateer 208)330-263-2437
MACK, SaraSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services
MACLEAN, RobEnglish - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 214)330-287-1907
MANGUBI, MarinaArt & Art History - Assoc. Prof. (Ebert 117)330-263-2425
MANN, NeliaPhysics - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 108)330-287-1980
MARCEL, YorgunDir. of International Student Affairs & Asst Dean of Stu/Office of International Student Affairs (Babcock 104)330-263-2262
MARIOLA, MattEnvironmental Studies - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 007)330-263-2642
MARRON, JamesMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 125)330-287-3619
MARSH, KevinPolitical Science - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 303)330-287-1942
MARSHALL, NicoleAsst. Coach - Women's Basketball/Physical Education (Scot Center)
MARTIN, JessicaStaff Acct./Business Office
MARTIN, KristaAdmin. Coord./Academic Affairs (Galpin 038)330-263-2496
MARTINEZ, RicDir. of Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 209)330-263-2396
MASTRINE, BeauDir. of Grounds/Campus Grounds (Papp Stadium)330-263-2560
MATHEWS, ChristinaStaff Accompanist/Music (Scheide)330-263-2419
MATSUZAWA, SeikoSociology & Anthropology - Asst. Prof./Curriculum Comm. Chair - East Asian Studies (Kauke 013)330-287-1904
MATTSON, LynetteAsst. Dir. of the Writing Center/Writing Center (Andrews Library 133)330-263-2205
MAXWELL, StephenSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Luce 001)330-263-2590
MCBRIDE, LeePhilosophy - Assoc. Prof. (Scovel 201)330-263-2548
MCCANTS, MichaelSecondary Asst. Football Coach/Physical Education (Scot Center)
MCCARTY, ConnieSr. Programmer Analyst/Applications Development (Morgan 412)330-263-2199
MCCLOUD, LandreAsst. Dir. - Alumni Relations/Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 207)330-263-2110
MCCONNELL, CathyAssoc Dir of the Advising Center & Experiential Learning/Advising, Planning & Exprntl (Gault Library 034)330-263-2301
MCCONNELL, DavidSociology & Anthropology - Prof. and Wooster In Kenya/Academic Affairs and East Asian Studies (Kauke 015)330-263-2476
MCCORMICK, DeeVice President & Treasurer/Vice President For Finance & Business (Galpin)330-263-2581
MCCORMICK, HeidiDir. of Alumni Relations & the Wooster Fund/Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 109)330-263-2533
MCCOY, NatAdmin. Coord. - Kauke/History/International Relations/Latin American Studies/Political Science/Urban Studies (Kauke 103)330-263-2463
MCCUSKER, CourtneyLaboratory Tech./Biology (Mateer)
MCGLUMPHY, DougPreparator/College of Wooster Art Museum (Ebert 038)330-263-2091
MCKINNEY, KrystalAdmin. Office Staff/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G15)330-263-2639
MCMULLEN, SaraAsst. Coach - Volleyball/Physical Education (Scot Center)
MCNEIL, TonySupv. - Residential Custodial/Custodial Services (Service Center 117B)330-263-2323
MCVAY GORRELL, PattiHead of Circulation & Media Svcs./Libraries (Andrews Library 147B)330-263-2285
MEEKER-BOURNE, MargaretTeacher/Nursery School (Westminster Church House)330-263-2131
MEESE, BrendaPhysical Education - Assoc. Prof. and Asst. Athletic Dir./Physical Education (Scot Center 338)330-263-2173
MELLIZO, PhilEconomics - Asst. Prof. (Morgan 209)330-263-2392
MESSENGER, RachelAsst. Dir. of Campus Life/Lowry Center and Student Activities (Lowry G50)330-263-2063
MICHAEL, Charalambos (Harry)Economics - Asst. Prof. (Morgan 206)330-263-2083
MIDDLETON, JackieAdmin. Coord. - Physics/Mathematics & Computer Science/Physics (Taylor 109A)330-263-2478
MIDDLETON, Jackie S.Sr. Project Dir./Vice President For Finance & Business (Galpin 211)330-263-2580
MILLEN, JeffMusic - Adjunct
MILLER, LydiaAdvancement Research Coord./Advancement Services (Gault Alumni Center 307)330-263-2327
MILLER, LynneAdmin. Coord. - Business Office/Business Office (Galpin 011)330-263-2070
MILLER, RobynNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
MILLIGAN, BridgetArt & Art History - Assoc. Prof. (Ebert 118)330-263-2191
MIRAKHOR, LeahEnglish - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 218)330-287-1931
MIRZA, SarahReligious Studies - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 005)330-287-1939
MOLEDINA, AmyazEconomics - Assoc. Prof./Curriculum Committee Chair - International Relations (Morgan 214)330-263-2287
MONBARREN, DeniseSpecial Collections Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library 070)330-263-2527
MOORE, SteveHead Coach - Men's Basketball/Physical Education (Scot Center 309)330-263-2176
MORGAN, WilliamBiology - Prof. and Biochemistry & Molecular Biol (Mateer 303B)330-263-2026
MORGAN-CLEMENT, LindaChaplain/Interfaith Campus Ministries (Babcock 114)330-263-2558
MORRIS, DanyaJewish Life Coord./Interfaith Campus Ministries
MORROW, KaraArt & Art History - Asst. Prof. and Archaeology (Ebert 114)330-263-2151
MOSKOWITZ, EricPolitical Science - Assoc. Prof. and Urban Studies (Kauke 128)330-263-2457
MOWREY, PeterMusic - Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Scheide 205)330-263-2049
MOYNIHAN, MattMathematics & Computer Science - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 309)330-263-2123
MUELLNER, BethGerman & Russian Studies - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Kauke 231)330-263-2307
MULLEN DAVIS, MelissaAssitant Prof. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Severance 215)330-287-1941
MUNRO, JillDir. of International Student & Scholar Svcs./Office of International Student Affairs (Babcock 103)330-263-2132
MURPHY, JoyceDir./Nursery School (Westminster Church House 114 / Westminster Church House 011)330-263-2131
MYERS, SarahTeacher/Nursery School (Westminster Church House)330-263-2131
N'DIAYE, BoubacarAfricana Studies - Prof. (Kauke 002)330-263-2409
NAGY, DwightAsst. Dir. of Web Communication/College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 204)330-263-2339
NAVARRO-FARR, OliviaSociology & Anthropology/Archaeology - Asst Prof/Latin American Studies/Curriculum Comm. Chair - Archaeology (Kauke 22)330-263-2042
NAYLOR, MichaelAssoc. Dir. of Digital Infrastructure/Digital Infrastructure (Morgan 422)330-263-2677
NEILL, LauraExec. Dir./Ohio Light Opera (Westminster Church House 108)330-263-2090
NEUHOFF, JohnPsychology - Prof. (Morgan 112)330-263-2475
NEWTON, CarolynProvost/Academic Affairs (Galpin 111)330-263-2004
NEWTON, CatieDigital Scholarship & Preservation Librarian/Libraries (Andrews Library)
NG, MargaretHistory - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 115)330-263-2056
NICHOLS, SandyDir. of Development/Development (Galpin 316)330-263-2697
NIELSON, BrianDir. of Planned Giving/Development (Galpin 315)330-263-2390
NOLLETTI, ToddSupv. - Residential Custodial/Custodial Services (Service Center 117)330-263-2034
NORIEGA, JimmyTheatre&Dance - Asst. Prof. and Latin American Studies/Women's, Gender & Sexuality (Wishart 117)330-263-2305
NUGENT, GeorgiaInterim President/President's Office (Galpin 219)330-263-2311
NURSE, AnneSociology & Anthropology - Prof. (Kauke 012)330-263-2462
OBER, AnnieCoordinating Counselor/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center 405)330-263-2343
OSBORNE, MelisaChemistry - Asst. Prof. (Severance 222)330-287-1975
OZAR, RyanAssoc. Dir. of Internships/Advising, Planning & Exprntl (Gault Library 037)330-263-2320
OZAR, SarahSr. Asst. Dir./Admissions
PALMER, RikkiSpanish - Assoc. Prof./Curriculum Comm. Chair - Latin American Studies (Kauke 207)330-263-2405
PANEPENTO, LisaAsst. Coach - Women's Basketball/Physical Education (Scot Center 331)330-263-2171
PARK, Chan SokReligious Studies - Instructor (Kauke 101)330-263-2057
PARTHEMORE, KarenAsst. to the Dean of Curriculum & Acad. Engagement/Advising, Planning & Exprntl (Galpin 110)330-263-2008
PASTEUR, DrewMathematics & Computer Science - Assoc. Prof. (Taylor 311)330-263-2486
PATCH, KateDir. of Off - Campus Studies/Off-Campus Studies (Gault Library 013)
PATTIN, ConnieAcad. Records Asst./Registrar (Galpin 107)330-263-2008
PEERSEN, HildMusic - Adjunct (Scheide 125)330-287-3000 x2855
PETTORINI, TimHead Coach/Physical Education (Scot Center 311)330-263-2180
PETTY, JaclynAccounting Mgr./Business Office (Galpin 009)330-263-2530
PIERCE, PamMathematics & Computer Science - Prof. (Taylor 314)330-263-2389
POLLOCK, MeagenGeology - Assoc. Prof. (Scovel 117)330-263-2202
POMPAS, AriMedia Svcs. Tech./Digital Infrastructure (Morgan 400)
PORTER, NancyAssoc. Dir. of Financial Aid/Financial Aid (Pearl 204)330-263-2317
POTTER, FredBus Driver/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center)330-263-2164
POZEFSKY, PeterHistory - Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 110)330-263-2395
PRENDERGAST, Maria TeresaEnglish - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Comparative Literature (Kauke 223)330-263-2617
PRENDERGAST, ThomasEnglish - Prof./Curriculum Comm. Chair - Comparative Literature (Kauke 211)330-263-2347
PRESCIUTTI, DianaArt & Art History - Asst. Prof. (Ebert 113)330-263-2273
PURDY, LauraAnnual Giving Officer/Development (Galpin 306A)330-263-2081
RAMSAY, JohnAssoc. Dean for Experiential Learning and Mathematics & Computer Science - Prof./Mathematics & Computer Science (Taylor 306 / Gault Library 036)330-263-2579
RAMSEY, MelissaAsst. Coach - Field Hockey/Physical Education (Scot Center)
RAPPORT, JeremyReligious Studies - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 127)330-263-2098
REAM, BethanyAsst. Dean of Students/Dean of Students (Galpin 120)330-263-2607
REED, DonnaAdmin. Coord. - Music/Music (Scheide 112)330-263-2419
REEDER, PatriceAdmin. Coord. - Geology/Philosophy/Geology (Scovel 116A)330-263-2380
REGAN, ErzsebetAssitant Prof. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Mateer)
REID, AshleyAsst. to the Athletic Dir. for Diversity & Inclusion/Physical Education (Scot Center 333)330-263-2181
REINERT, BryanAsst. Men's Lacrosse Coach/Physical Education (Scot Center)
REMARK, SusanAdmin. Coord. - Facilities Mgmt & Planning/Facilities Mgmt. & Planning (Service Center 117)330-263-2444
REYES, CarlaEnglish Language Learning Coord./Learning Center
REYNOLDS, JenniferTeacher/Nursery School (Westminster Church House)330-263-2131
RICE, DennisHead Coach - Track & Field/Physical Education (Scot Center 310)330-263-2175
RICE, HannahFront Desk Asst./Scot Center
RICE, SharonAsst. Dir. - Alumni Relations/Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 109)330-263-2458
RICHARDSON, NatalieHRIS & Compensation Mgr./Human Resources (Service Center 96)330-263-2100
RILEY, EvanPhilosophy - Asst. Prof. (Scovel 3)330-263-2246
RITCHIE, KatherineAsst. Dir. of Reunion Giving/Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 208)330-263-2447
ROANE, TerraAssoc. Dir. - Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 205)330-263-2126
ROCHE, JeffHistory - Assoc. Prof. (Kauke 112)330-263-2450
RODGERS, LorieNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2064
ROGERS, JamesSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services
ROSE, PamLearning Center Dir./Learning Center (Gault Library 003)330-263-2595
ROSSEY, DianeAdmin. Coord. - Chemistry/Biochemistry & Molecular Biol/Chemistry (Severance 105)330-263-2418
ROTH, MollyGen. Mgr. of Campus Dining/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G35)330-263-2121
ROTHMAN, JonathanAsst. Dir. - Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center)330-263-2002
ROWE, CraigSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
RUDISILL, JohnPhilosophy - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Pre - Law Advising Comm. Chair (Scovel 002)330-263-2353
SCHAFER, MikeTechnical Dir./Theatre And Dance (Freedlander 138)330-263-2040
SCHEIDT, ChristopherAsst. Football Coach - Specials/Positions/Physical Education (Scot Center)
SCHEN, MelissaDir. of Educational Assessment/Academic Affairs (Galpin 18)330-287-3105
SCHILLING, HaydenHistory - Prof. (Kauke 108 / PEC 103)330-263-2452
SCHILTZ, ElizabethPhilosophy - Assoc. Prof. and POSSE Mentor/Academic Affairs (Scovel 202)330-263-2289
SCHIMMEL, LoriHead Coach - Softball/Physical Education (Scot Center 312)330-263-2679
SCHMIDT, AlisonEducation - Assoc. Prof. and Assoc. Dean for Advising/Advising, Planning & Exprntl (Morgan 224)330-263-2303
SCHMIDT, RebeccaDir. of Donor Communications & Stewardship/Development (Galpin 302)330-263-2084
SCHRECK, RobinProgram Coord. - Campus Life/Lowry Center and Student Activities (Lowry)330-263-2061
SCHUCH, SanthaAdmin. Coord. - Kauke/Africana Studies/Archaeology/East Asian Studies/Religious Studies/South Asian Studies/Women's, Gender & Sexuality (Kauke 010)330-263-2129
SCHULTZ, MelanieCoord. of Campus Visit Experience/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center)330-263-2270
SCHULTZ, MelissaDir. of Web Communication/College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 201)330-263-2656
SCHWARZWALDER, ScottSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
SEEDS, DaleTheatre & Dance - Prof. and Environmental Studies/Film Studies (Wishart 116)330-263-2027
SELING, PaulAdmin. Asst. - Alumni Relations/Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center)330-263-2533
SELING, RoseAdmin. Coord. - Art & Art History/Art and Art History/Art Museum (Ebert 120)330-263-2388
SELL, JohnEconomics - Prof. & Dir. of College Investments (Morgan 207)330-263-2383
SENE, IbraHistory - Assoc. Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 116)330-263-2614
SHAMP, MarjorieAsst. Dir. of Campus Dining & Conference Svcs./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G11)330-263-2106
SHARROW, ZacharyScience Librarian/Libraries (Timken Science Library 114)330-263-2280
SHATZER, JohnStudent Technology Asst. Program Coord./User Services (Morgan)330-287-4357
SHAW, NicholasChemistry - Asst. Prof. (Severance 104)330-287-1945
SHAYA, GregHistory - Assoc. Prof. and International Relations (Kauke 111)330-263-2169
SHAYA, JosephineClassical Studies - Asst. Prof. and Archaeology (Kauke 201)330-263-2624
SHIPLEY, BobTelecomm. Syst. Tech./Digital Infrastructure (PEC 110)330-263-2547
SHORT, GwenScience Library Assoc./Libraries (Timken Science Library 116)330-263-2275
SHOSTAK, DebraEnglish - Prof./Curriculum Committee Chair - Film Studies (Kauke 221)330-263-2402
SHREVE, ToniStaff Accompanist/Music (Scheide 142)330-263-2419
SHUPE, AbigailMusic - Instructor (Scheide 217)330-287-1982
SHUTT, JenniferField Director/NCATE Coord. (Morgan 218)330-287-1961
SIEGENTHALER, TimothyInstrument & Lab Tech/Machinist/Academic Affairs (Severance 107.2)330-263-2449
SIEWERT, JohnArt & Art History - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] (Ebert 115)330-263-2546
SIGRIST, LucindaAdmin. Coord. - Career Planning/Career Planning (Gault Library 032)330-263-2496
SINES, DottieExec. Asst./Academic Affairs (Galpin 112)330-263-2004
SINES-SHEAFF, ReonDir. of International Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center)330-263-2001
SIROT, LauraBiology - Asst. Prof. (Mateer 105)330-263-2341
SLANSKY, KristineAnimal Caretaker/Biology (Mateer 102B)330-287-3430
SMITH, DaveMaterial Handler/Physical Plant / Service Center (Service Center 114)330-263-2135
SMITH, ErinAdmin. Asst. - Human Resources/Human Resources330-263-2626
SMITH, JulieAccounts Payable Coord./Business Office
SMITH, KevinAsst. Dir. of Sports Information/College Relations And Marketing
SMITH, PatriceAdmin. Coord. - Theatre & Dance/Communication/Theatre & Dance (Wishart 119)330-263-2541
SMITH, ShadraAsst. Dean of Students, Multicultural Student Affairs/Dean of Students (Babcock 112)330-263-2067
SMITH, ValerieSr. Asst. Dir./Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 105)330-263-2109
SNADER, JudyAccounting Mgr./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G15)330-287-3182
SNIDER, MarkChemistry - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Biochemistry & Molecular Biol (Severance 201)330-263-2391
SNYDER, BethAdmin. Coord. - Biology/Biochemistry & Molecular Biol/Biology/Neuroscience (Mateer 104)330-263-2379
SOBECK, SarahChemistry - Assoc. Prof. (Severance 222)330-263-2359
SPENCER, MaryAdmin. Coord. - Morgan/Economics/Education/Environmental Studies/Neuroscience/Psychology/Notary Public (Morgan 204)330-263-2302
SPICER, SueAcad. Records Asst./Registrar (Gault Library)330-263-2366
SPONSLER, AngelaAdmin. Coord. - Residential Life/Residence Life (Lowry G16B)330-263-2296
SPROWL, JaminSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
STANLEY, PamDir. of Advancement Svcs./Advancement Services (Gault Alumni Center 306)330-263-2236
STANLEY, SarahAdmin. Coord. - Public Information/College Relations and Marketing (Olderman 103B)330-263-2373
STARR, StanFacilities Project Mgr./Facilities Mgmt. & Planning (Service Center 130)330-263-2600
STAVNEZER, AmyPsychology - Assoc. Prof./Curriculum Commitee Chair - Neuroscience (Morgan 301b)330-263-2215
STIMPERT, LorieFinancial Services/Bookstore Asst./Bookstore (Lowry 143)330-263-2213
STINE, LoriAdmin. Coord./Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center 101)330-263-2319
STRAND, StephanieBiology - Assoc. Prof. and Pre - Health Advising Comm. Chair and Biochemistry & Molecular Biol (Mateer 106)330-263-2088
STRAUCH, TaraHistory - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 113)330-287-1930
STROCK, TrevorSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
SWANSON, LindaMgr. of Advancement Research & Analysis/Advancement Services (Gault Alumni Center 304)330-263-2261
SWIGER, AlexBox Office Mgr./Ohio Light Opera (Westminster Church House 108)330-263-2329
TAGGART, JackieAlumni Relations Asst./Alumni Relations & The Wooster Fund (Gault Alumni Center 111)330-263-2676
TEBBE, RonInstrument & Lab Technician/Machinist/Chemistry (Severance 107.2)330-263-2449
TEFS, GretchenEducation - Instructor (Morgan 225)330-287-1944
TEGTMEIER, PamWellness Program Mgr./Human Resources (Scot Center 109B)330-263-2077
TERMAN, MiriamUnit Aid/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-287-3065
THELAMOUR, BarbaraPsychology - Asst. Prof. (Morgan 106)330-287-1953
THOMPSON, ClaudiaPsychology - Prof. (Morgan 120)330-263-2461
THOMPSON, LynnMusic Dir./Ohio Light Opera
THOMPSON, MichaelSr. Programmer Analyst/Applications Development (Morgan 407)330-263-2511
THOMSON, GarrettPhilosophy - Prof. (Scovel 203)330-263-2494
TIERNEY, TomSociology&anthropology - Assoc. Prof. [Dept. Chair] and POSSE Mentor (Kauke 011)330-263-2153
TOOLEY, LorenGen. Merchandise Mgr./Bookstore (Lowry)330-263-2689
TRITT, KimTheatre & Dance - Prof. (Wishart 208)330-263-2540
TRIVETTE, KathySupv. - Academic/Administrative Custodial/Custodial Services (Service Center 117)330-263-2323
TROUP, TammyVisual Resources Curator/Art and Art History (Ebert 111A / Andrews Library 057)330-263-2414
TUCKER, RayDir. of the Longbrake Student Wellness Center/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center 407)330-263-2350
UBER, DianeSpanish - Prof. (Kauke 208)330-263-2382
VAN DOORN, BasPolitical Science - Asst. Prof. (Kauke 102)330-287-1925
VISA, SofiaMathematics & Computer Science - Assoc. Prof. (Taylor 304)330-263-2363
VIZZO, FredNight Building Supv./Physical Education (PEC 159)330-263-2089
WAGERS, ChuckDir. of Campus Dining & Conference Svcs./Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G19)330-263-2108
WALKER, EileenAssoc. Vice President/Controller/Business Office (Galpin 007)330-263-2018
WALLIN, PeterExec. Chef/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry 220)330-263-2068
WANG, RujieChinese - Prof. [Dept. Chair] and East Asian Studies (Kauke 203)330-263-2438
WANG, Shu-LingEconomics - Instructor (Morgan 210)330-287-1963
WAY, KristaAccounts Receivable Mgr./Business Office (Galpin 006)330-263-2007
WEAVER, MarkPolitical Science - Prof. (Kauke 130)330-263-2416
WEAVER, SusanStaff Accompanist/Music (Scheide 112)330-263-2419
WEBER, EricaAdmin. Asst. - CDGE/Center for Diversity & Global Engagement (Babcock 111)330-263-2434
WELLS, MarkPhilosophy - Asst. Prof.
WELTY, RobinAsst. Dir. of Publications & Design/College Relations and Marketing (Ebert 106)330-263-2185
WERELEY, MeganEducation - Assoc. Prof. (Morgan 225)330-263-2229
WERTMAN, CassidyFacilities & Operations Asst. for Pe, Athletics & Rec/Physical Education (Scot Center 316-3)330-263-2286
WEST, JamesBiochem & Molecular Biol - Assoc. Prof. (Mateer 303A)330-263-2368
WEYER, ConnieGift Processing Mgr./Advancement Services (Gault Alumni Center 303)330-263-2328
WHITAKER, LannySupv. - Power Plant/Power Plant (Power Plant)330-263-2361
WHITMAN, SallyExec. Asst. for Presidential Events/President's Office (Galpin 222)330-263-2313
WIESENBERG, NickGeological Tech./Geology Tech./Geology (Scovel 104)330-263-2445
WILES, GregGeology - Prof. [Dept. Chair] and Archaeology (Scovel 119)330-263-2298
WILLOUGHBY, VictoriaNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
WILSON, MarkGeology - Prof. (Scovel 120)330-263-2247
WILSON, SheilaExec. Dir. for Auxiliary Ops, Proc & Contract Mgmt/Purchasing (Galpin 020)330-263-2222
WINGARD, LeslieEnglish - Assoc. Prof. (Kauke 219)330-263-2157
WINGE, JennDean of Admissions/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 217)330-263-2116
WINGE, JoeDir. of Financial Aid/Financial Aid (Pearl 201)330-263-2317
WOLF, TaraAdmin. Asst. - Physical Education/Physical Education and Accounts Payable Asst./Business Office (Scot Center)
WONG, LisaMusic - Asst. Prof. (Scheide 207)330-263-2050
WOOD, ThomasMusic - Prof. (Scheide 209)330-263-2043
WOODARD, BrettAssoc. Dir. Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning/Advising, Planning & Exprntl (Gault Library 036)330-263-2224
WOODS, LisaNurse/Student Wellness Center (Student Wellness Center)330-263-2319
WOOSTER, BobMathematics & Computer Science - Asst. Prof. (Taylor 312)330-263-2140
WRIGHT, JosephineMusic and Africana Studies - Prof./Department Chair - Africana Studies (Scheide 216)330-263-2044
WRIGHT, JulieAssoc. Artistic Dir./Ohio Light Opera
YODER, ErinAsst. Dir. of Stewardship/Development (Galpin 308)330-263-2259
YODER, JillianAsst. Chaplain/Interfaith Campus Ministries (Overholt 104)330-263-2364
YOKLEY, DavidAssoc. Dir. of Adm/Multi Cultural/Admissions (Gault Admissions Center 203)330-263-2630
YONKER, DonnaGen. Mgr. - Hospitality Support/Campus Dining and Conference Services (Lowry G17)330-263-2358
YORKO, KaylaSecurity Officer/Security & Protective Services (Culbertson/Slater )330-263-2590
ZIDRON, AndyHead Coach - Men's Soccer/Physical Education (Scot Center)
ZIMMER, JuliaAsst. Dir. of Student Activities/Lowry Center and Student Activities (Lowry G51)330-263-2559
ZURKO, Kitty McManmusDirector/Curator/College of Wooster Art Museum (Ebert 138)330-263-2290
ZURKO, WaltArt & Art History - Prof. (Ebert 119)330-263-2423
ZWEGAT, ZoeAsst. Dir. of Annual Giving/Development (Gault Alumni Center 212)330-263-2648