Independent Minds, Working Together

Social Justice Institute

Investigating the Intersections of Race, Sex, and Religion...Creating Change Agents...

Fall 2013

Saturday, Nov 16: Training by the Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI) and the Washington Consulting Group (WCG) for STUDENT participants (application deadline for students is October 18)
Facilitators: Sam Offer, Monica Rivera.
Training will:

  • Deepen the level of authentic conversations about and across race, religion and sex
  • Explore the dynamics of intersect of race, religion and sex.
  • Practice the skill of self-awareness as a tool for effective change.
  • Explore and engage internalized oppression and internalized dominance for the purpose of healing and change.
  • Consider next steps for personal learning and actions in order to build an effective and cohesive community.

Spring 2014

Date TBD: training for FACULTY & STAFF nominated by student participants of the first workshop.Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington
Training will:

  • Focus on how faculty and staff can empower social justice change.
  • Focus on social justice topics pertaining to faculty/staff in higher education.