Center for Diversity and Global Engagement

The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE) is a nexus of programs and offices coordinated to encourage and foster development of intercultural competency among all campus community members. Merging student life and curricular development with programming and outreach, the Center reflects our social, cultural, and political heterogeneity. Liberal arts education demands a global perspective, an understanding of the local situated in a broader world context.

The CDGE aims to foster such perspectives across a range of fields on campus and beyond.

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President Grant Cornwell on Diversity at Wooster

Moving Forward...

As we end this academic year, we look forward to some important changes in the structure and function of the Center.  President Grant Cornwell announced these changes to the College community on March 3.  For example, we look forward to adding an LGBTQ/Sexual Respect position in the Center and transitioning to the name Center for Diversity and Inclusion. The full list is presented in President Cornwell's communication below:

"At the end of June, Nancy Grace will conclude her three-year appointment as director of the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement. I am enormously grateful to Nancy for the focus and passion she has brought to this work, the outstanding programming she has developed, and her advocacy for students through Safe Zone, the LEAD Team, and C3.

As I prepare for my own departure from Wooster, I have concluded that it is not feasible to strike out in bold new directions with regard to our work for diversity and inclusion during this time of presidential transition, but we must continue to move forward.

At the urging of those most deeply invested in these efforts, I have asked Yorgun Marcel, assistant dean for international student affairs, to coordinate the diversity efforts of the Center through this transition period. And we will move forward on several initiatives based on what we have heard in discussions over the past year, especially through the good work of the Diversity and Inclusion Listening Study.

First, we will conduct a search to fill the position of assistant dean for multicultural student affairs.

Second, we will create and fill a new position for LGBTQA and sexual respect within the center.

Third, the Office of Interfaith Campus Ministries will be fully integrated into the center.

Fourth, we will establish a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinating Council to bring together monthly those responsible for our work in these areas, including students and faculty, to help coordinate and strengthen our efforts across all dimensions of diversity. I will convene the Council's first meeting soon after spring break.

And finally, the center itself will be renamed the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, in recognition of its refined mission.

All of this is work of great importance and complexity, work to which we have given our best efforts over the past eight years, and which will continue long after I have taken my leave of Wooster. I am thankful to have had colleagues such as you to share that work with me, and know you will continue to support it with all your heart. Tomorrow I will communicate these changes to the campus community as a whole, but I wanted to share it with you first."