Curricular Practical Training

Employment through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is permitted before the completion of your degree. CPT authorization is job specific, and must be "an integral part of an established curriculum." Approval requires that the work carry academic credit or faculty confirmation that the work is directly related to your senior I.S.

Students who have used CPT at The College of Wooster have done so most recently through:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Internship 407, 408
  • Business Intern Program 391
  • Communications 390
  • Sophomore Research Program
  • Senior IS Thesis.

CPT may be used part time (20 hrs per week) while school is in session, or full time during break. The regulations defining CPT are very narrow, and an appointment in the OISA is recommended before you contemplate using CPT.

  • Notification Process: Requires approval through the DSO.

CPT Handout (.pdf)