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Post Graduate

Information for Graduating Seniors

Wooster Email:Your account will remain active for six months following program completion. You can apply for an alumni email account by contacting the alumni office.

Mail: Following graduation, mail sent to your campus address will be automatically forwarded to the address listed in the student directory, unless you complete an “address change card” with the campus post office.

Enrollment Deposit: The Business Office will refund your enrollment deposit in June. It will be sent to your billing address, unless you notify the Business Office of an alternate address. If there is an address in the U.S. to which the check may be sent, please provide that information, in order to expedite the process. Please contact Ms. Krista Way in the Business Office with any questions.

W-2/1042-S: Upon completion of the tax year, the Payroll Office will produce your W-2 if you were employed on campus and a 1042-S Form if you received certain types of taxable income. Contact the Payroll Office directly to receive these documents in time for your annual tax return beginning next January. 

Contact Information: We would appreciate the opportunity to keep in touch with you regarding College and OISA activities. If you wish to do so, please provide OISA with your contact information. For those of you securing work authorization via OPT, please be certain to provide an email address so that we may contact you with any updated information relevant to your status.

Options Following Program Completion:

“Completion” = Date of graduation or other designated completion date per your SEVIS record and I-20.

Leave the United States

  • You may not be employed through Student Employment following program completion.
  • You must leave the country within 60 days of program completion; this is your “grace period.”

Enroll in Graduate Studies 

  • You may not be employed through Student Employment following program completion.
  • You must complete a SEVIS Release in order to transfer to and begin a new academic program in the United States. The release of your record to the new institution must take place while you are in valid F-1 status. You must then secure a new Form I-20 from your graduate institution. Please contact OISA to initiate this process.

Secure Optional Practical Training

  • You may not be employed through Student Employment following program completion.
  • You may not begin your job until you have received authorization (EAD card).
  • Comprehensive information on OPT is available on the OISA handout entitled, “OPT Handout,” available on the website. Please refer to this as needed.
  • For those of you who have applied for OPT but not yet received your EAD card, please be certain to provide me with contact information before you leave campus.
  • Please see the enclosed OPT-related materials for additional information.

CINTAX: You should be in contact with Student Payroll to receive your W-2 next January, and you must file federal and state tax returns for any wages earned during the previous year. The OISA provides CINTAX access to all recent alumni. Please contact the OISA next year if you wish to have access to CINTAX; the code and instructions will be released to you at the same time that they are provided to students.