Independent Minds, Working Together

What to Bring

Academic Documents

To request credit for advanced classes or work from another institution, you must submit official documents (e.g., syllabi, diplomas, certificates, transcripts). Documents should be presented prior to fall registration or as soon as possible within the first year of your program. Please contact the Office of the Registrar with specific questions about credit transfer procedures. Additional information may be found in The College Catalogue.


You may need an adapter for appliances from abroad. Electrical outlets in the U.S. provide 110-volt alternating current (AC) at 60 cycles. It may be easier and more cost effective to purchase electrical equipment here.

Alarm Clock

Bring a battery-operated alarm clock with you, to help you be ON TIME for the required Woo@First GLANCE sessions and thereafter for classes and your other scheduled commitments.


Students wear casual clothes most of the time – jeans and a sweatshirt are appropriate. You might also bring several semi-formal or formal outfits, as students do dress up for special events. Ethnic clothing is also very appropriate. Temperatures in Wooster range from 32C to well below freezing. In August and September, it can be quite warm during the day and cool at night.  The coldest months are January and February. If you are coming from a warmer climate, it might be wise to carry a few sweaters (light winter clothing) from the start of your journey to use as you acclimate to Wooster’s weather.  Beyond that, it is fine to wait and buy winter clothing in the U.S.


There are many computers available for student use on campus. Although many students bring a personal computer, it is not a necessity. Printers are available throughout campus. Click here for more information

Cultural Items

There are many occasions for students from abroad to share their culture and teach about their home country, both on campus and in the local community. We hope you will bring some favorite artifacts, photo books, a flag, or even ethnic fabric and clothing with you!


Learn how to cook before you leave home. Bring recipes and favorite pre-packaged spices or snacks. Most meals will be taken in the dining halls, but you will have access to cooking facilities in your residence hall. Students often become “homesick” for food from home. If you stay on campus during winter, spring, or summer breaks, you will need to cook for yourself.


You need money for books and other incidentals right away; a semester's worth of books can cost $400-$500. We recommend that you carry with you approximately $700-$900. It is wise to use a combination of traveler's checks, cash, and/or bank checks in U.S. currency. We will help you open a local bank account during Woo@First GLANCE.

Personal Items

We will take you shopping during Woo@First GLANCE, but it is wise to carry a towel, a sheet, and a thin blanket for your first nights in the residence hall. You don’t need to bring items like desk lamps, paper, pens, or toiletries. These items are easy to buy here and take up precious packing space. All residence halls have electric washers and dryers for student use.