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Language Assistants

Wooster hosts Language Assistants (LAs) in the Departments of Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish. LA selection is facilitated by the individual department through the Institute of International Education (IIE). Jill Munro handles the logistical details behind language assistant selection and hire.

LAs are expected to participate in the Woo@First GLANCE program, and they will complete employee paperwork in Human Resources during their first days on campus.

To Do List:

  • Complete the IIE Terms of Agreement, as well as the College of Wooster employee contract (issued by Jill Munro).
  • Complete the Hepatitis B and Menomune Vaccine and/or Waiver Form (.pdf) and submit the Student Health Form. There will also be a "check in" at the Student Wellness Center during Woo@First GLANCE.
  • The OISA includes LAs on our email list and invites them to participate in and collaborate with the office in support of international programming on campus. International Education Week is in early November, for example, and we ask Language Assistants to become very involved in planning for that celebration. Each LA is encouraged to take the initiative to build alliances and find opportunities for the language suites to collaborate across campus!
  • LAs are invited to participate in Friends of International Students Host Family Program and are asked to submit the online application by June 14.
  • Language Assistants are required to enroll in two courses per semester, per their J-1 status.
  • Health Insurance is through IIE, and documentation must be presented at the Student Wellness Center. Additional coverage, including dental or vision, may be purchased privately.
  • Language Assistants are able to stay on campus during winter or spring breaks. It is important to register for break housing through the Office of Residence Life. There is no charge to remain on campus, but if your building (Luce Hall) is closed, you may have to move into a room in an open hall. Dining services generally are not available during winter or spring breaks.
  • Most language assistants are nonresidents for tax purposes. OISA provides details on taxes in the U.S. We use GLACIER TAX PREP, a non-resident tax return software program, and LAs are welcome to attend our tax advising sessions. IIE provides LAs with alternative tax assistance through GranTax.
  • IIE is responsible for regulatory issues for LAs. To travel outside the U.S., LAs must receive the appropriate signature from IIE (on the DS-2019) to certify re-entry.