Independent Minds, Working Together

Global Nomads

A Global Nomad, as defined by Norma McCaig of George Mason University, is "an individual (of any nationality) who has spent pre-adult years living outside his or her country of passport because of his or her parents' career choice."

A Third Culture Kid (TCK), as defined by David Pollack, is "an individual who has spent pre-adult years living in a dominant culture that is different from the native culture of his or her parent(s)." For a young person who self-identifies as a Global Nomad or TCK, “home” can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Your parents might be diplomats, international business people, educators and scholars, military personnel, missionaries, etc. A simple question of "Where are you from?" might be very difficult to answer!

Global Nomads and TCKs are encouraged to become involved with the OISA and are invited to attend Woo@First GLANCE. They are included on the OISA email listserve, receive the monthly COSMOS newsletter, and are welcome to apply for a host family through Friends of International Students Host Family Program. Global Nomads and TCKs are welcome to use the OISA for support, as are their parents who are living abroad. We celebrate the diverse experiences that Global Nomads and TCKs bring to our campus!