Sheila Amoako

Sheila Amoako '14

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

When I was applying to colleges in the USA, I was looking for a small liberal arts school where there was a close-knit community of students. I was also looking for a college where there was a close interaction between faculty members and students. Wooster offered that and more. Through the websites and brochures I received, I learned about the wonderful Independent Study which serves as a medium for improving research and writing skills and the pathway to discoveries so I choose to come to Wooster. Wooster can be described with infinite words. However in three words would be described as involving, adventure, and community.

Since I came to Wooster, I got involved in the track and field team as a long jumper. I also joined the Residence Hall Program Council (RHPC). Through the RHPC I was able to meet a medley of people and learned how to build a community and help in organizing programs to keep the campus interesting.
My favorite Wooster memory was my arrival in the US when the members of the orientation received me warmly. Their warm reception gave me an immediate assurance that I was at home; I was in a safe place. Having the opportunity of experiencing both international orientation and the general orientation gave the chance to build formidable bonds with diverse people. I also learned more about the different cultures and principles they live by. This helped me enrich my life and undergo personal growth and development.
I would say that on the whole I’ve been positively transformed by my college experience. I’ve learned how to do independent research through my First Year Seminar course. I also improved upon my interpersonal relationships and communication skills as I participate in class discussions and interact with professors.
On the whole I’m very glad I made a decision to come to Wooster. Wooster is the place where lives are changed for the better.