Usman Gul

Usman Gul '13

Economics Major

Salam! I'm Usman Gul from Lahore, Pakistan! The College of Wooster is a prestigious institution that provides an atmosphere that is most conducive to academic engagement and personal growth. In my opinion, the essence of a liberal arts education is to provide students an opportunity to be well-versed in a variety of disciplines. At Wooster, students are inclined to think of their education as part of a larger intellectual journey that encourages asking and discussing the big questions. Thus, it should come as no surprise that I've had some of the most meaningful conversations of my life here at Wooster; conversations that lead me to form principles and opinions through conviction rather than indoctrination.

Wooster graduates not only have a set of invaluable professional skills when they enter the job market but they also have the curious and progressive mind that is needed to excel. At Wooster, you are on your own - you create your own path. Opportunities are endless; its a matter of capitalizing on those opportunities that are right for you. If you are looking for a college that is intellectually challenging and academically engaging – you are likely to find your place at the College of Wooster.

The social aspect of the college experience must not go unmentioned. In the past two semesters at Wooster, I have formed formidable bonds with American and Jamaicans; Indians and Egyptians; Italians and Mexicans; and each bond has its own irreplaceable value. With fraternities, sororities, and a happening club that runs every Friday, quality entertainment is guaranteed.