Soorim Jin

Soorim Jin '12

Sociology Major/Education Minor

I chose Wooster because I wanted to interact with diverse and intellectual individuals in a close-knit community. I have attended an international school with students from all over the world, and I wanted to continue being in a place like that. I had a couple of high school friends who were attending Wooster so I already knew that Wooster was very diverse. Like I have been doing ever since I remember, I wanted to expand my cultural knowledge by sharing my cultural experiences as well as by hearing about those of others, whether the cultures were American or non-American.

My other reason was the Independent Study (I.S.). My high school required an individual Senior Project (SP) that was very similar to I.S. here, and I absolutely loved the whole process – choosing a topic, researching and investigating, meeting and interviewing different people etcetera. Through SP, I had the opportunity to learn about a topic that genuinely interested me better than I could have in any other classes. I know that I.S. will be another valuable experience that will not only challenge me but also to help me overcome those challenges in a professional manner.

Three words I would use to describe Wooster would be diverse, interactive and challenging. Wooster’s community is famous for its diversity, made up of international students, global nomads and American students from different backgrounds. Wooster is also interactive, as students and faculty are brought together to a close-knit community. And most importantly, Wooster is challenging.

I have been involved in a variety of activities. For example, I participate in A Round of Monkeys, an eclectic, mixed a cappella group that sings everything such as but not limited to pop, jazz, madrigals, classics. We love to share our music with not only the college community but also with those who enjoy hearing our songs. Another example would be Model United Nations, where I take the roles of a diplomat and engage in an academic simulation of the United Nations. During the conference, I discuss rising global issues related to politics, environment, human rights and culture etcetera with other delegates. In addition, I am working towards becoming a First Responder. After I go through my training this semester and pass my National Registry Examination, I would be able to provide pre-hospital care for medical emergencies that happen on campus. Other activities that I would like to mention briefly are REACH, Wooster’s education club and Let’s Dance Society, a social-dancing student organization.

I hope people will figure out that the College of Wooster is a very challenging institution that demands the very best from each individual. But its challenging curriculum prepares them to become who society is searching for, and this is clearly true when we look at our alumni who have been successful after graduation. Also, being in a liberal arts college gives students an opportunity to explore some of the subjects that they might have never thought about, meet some fabulous people including students, professors and staff members, participate and engage in intellectual discussions and become an intelligent individual overall. It is challenging, but what the students experience and accomplish is rewarding.