Bastiaan van de Lagemaat

Bastiaan van de Lagemaat '11

The Netherlands
Mathematics and Communications Double Major

I was enrolled in the Fulbright Scholarship Program located in Amsterdam. They helped me apply to American colleges. They selected six schools that I could apply to. I emailed alumni from all six schools. The Wooster students stood out in love for their school. I was initially only a one-year exchange student, but after a semester at home, I decided I wanted to return. I would say that the College can be described with three words: opportunity, adventure, and quality. I am involved with the International Living Program, Model United Nations, International Students Association, Ambassadors Program, Wooster Activities Crew, Intramural Soccer, Varsity Tennis, and more. One day, my freshman year, I had a big speech due the next day. It started snowing very heavily. People started to rumor that it would be the night to fill the arch. I decided to forget about my speech and join in. It was amazing to work with hundreds of students in the snow to be apart of this classic Wooster tradition. What do I cherish about my Wooster experience? Everything! I love my fellow students, the faculty, and the staff. I like all the opportunities that Wooster offers me. Every day, I feel like I am developing myself in many ways. That is a wonderful feeling. What surprises me about my Wooster experience is that I keep discovering new things every day. About myself, about the school, about other people. It is one big adventure.
I love public speaking. Wooster has offered me the opportunity to give speeches to the first years, to be the TA for public speaking, to give a work shop for the seniors about public speaking, to do a session about public speaking with Wooster’s emerging scholars. Next year, I might start a toast masters club at the college. I want prospective students to know that the College of Wooster changes your life for the better. You come out as a well rounded individual, ready for the big world. I have been asked by several people if my Wooster experience has changed my life and I respond with “Absolutely!” If prospective students are worried about financing their college education, Wooster has different options to assist you in the process, for example, last year they created a summer job program which provided jobs to students to make some money; it is called WooCorp.