Maria Elvira Millan

Maria Elvira Millan '12

Mexico and United States
Possible Philosophy Major

My family’s history has been linked to Wooster for over 30 years, with my grandfather teaching here, my mom growing up across the street from the College, and my brother graduating from Wooster a few years ago. I initially thought of doing pre-med, and Wooster has a really strong program for this, which backed up by proficient departments in Chemistry, Bio, Math & Physics, etc. Having changed my plans from pre-med to Philosophy, I can say Liberal Arts was the thing for me: I love having classes in a variety of subjects, having small classrooms where you get individual attention, and having the opportunity to get to know your teachers not only through Independent Study (I.S.), but office hours, lunch table discussions, special events, and internships.

Wooster also offers incredible opportunities for cultural and international engagement through off-campus studies, internships, and the student and faculty staff, which have strong international input. Lastly, Wooster is a gorgeous park-like campus, which combines the benefits of technology with an environmental approach. Wooster is also financially generous.

In all, I would describe the College of Wooster as exciting, diverse, and engaging. I am a member of the Wooster Singers, WOODS, an outdoors club, Peace by Peace, a social justice club, swimming, tennis, and participating in culture shows. What surprised me about Wooster is basically the incredible opportunities it provides for: studying off-campus; getting an internship to reassure vocations with the benefit of pay; funding volunteer trips within the country and beyond; the teachers being so accessible and close to students; and having the ability to defy previous misconceptions of our role as student, peer and global citizen. What also surprised me about the College is that it brings in forum speakers from a range of diverse fields; many of them Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners from all over the world. One thing I would like for prospective students to know about the College of Wooster is that the College’s president is a philosopher, who was on the path of medicine when he first went into college, just like me!