Christopher Miller '11

Economics and Philosophy Double Major

I chose to come to Wooster because it offered the most attractive financial aid package. If I could describe the College of Wooster in three words they would be: diverse, challenging, and welcoming. I am involved in the Judicial Board, CaribConnect, the International Student Association, and the Student Government Association. I am also involved in intramural sports.

I cherish the interaction with my professors; it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with any teacher. They give us a challenge but they encourage us to stop by their office to talk about things in my class or anything else. They are all really down to earth and they are willing to help you if you put forth the effort. What surprised be about Wooster is how welcoming people are. Its really easy to meet people or if you have a question, you could ask anyone and they wouldn’t mind answering it for you.

My advice for prospective students interested in the College of Wooste is to come prepared to work hard and be challenged in creative and unconventional ways. When I was a prospective student, I didn’t know it was going to be as challenging as it is. This just means that you really get your moneys worth at this college.