Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller '11

Chemistry Major

Wah gwaan! I’m Matthew Miller, a third year, class of 2011 Chemistry major from Kingston, Jamaica. In my college search process, Wooster was the most appealing for so many reasons. I chose to be a part of this community because of the different environment, the small class sizes and school population, the Liberal arts curriculum that is just so intriguing, the large international community and support that is comforting, and just out of a yearning to have an experience that would open my mind and give me the tools and survival skills to create an amazing life.

Three words that I would use to describe the College of Wooster are Different, Difficult and Teachable. On campus, I am involved in a slew of activities; I am the Chairperson of Campus Council, a Hearing Board Member of the Judicial Board, the Class Senator for Student Government and on the Board of CaribConnect.

My favorite Wooster memory is over fall break, when so many people leave there is still a small enough number of persons who stay, mostly international and we stick together, have fun, go to restaurants, go shopping and practice for the Culture show for hours on end! What I cherish the most are the people I meet on a daily basis. They are each so special and so unique and they embrace the fact that you are International. My friends are the reason I don’t get as homesick as I could be and when I’m close to that, they are pretty good with helping me cope. People at Wooster are so fun-loving, accepting, and ready to try new things and they are the people you can stay up talking to until four in the morning.

Whatever your personality or your interests, there will be at least ten people who you will click with. Wooster has afforded me hundreds of resources to help me figure out who I want to be and what I need to get there from talking to a professors, alumni, or even a trustee about your experience, their experience or seeking advice on where to go, they are there and abundant.