Amun Nadeem

Amun Nadeem '11

International Relations Major with Political Science Concentration

I applied to ten schools in the United States, and eventually made the decision to attend Wooster. While Wooster’s generous financial aid package was one of my reasons to choose this college, there were many other reasons too. I had met a few graduates from Wooster, and all of them had only positive things to say about the College. They mentioned that the professors were extremely helpful and approachable. The student’s were mostly down to earth and friendly. Most of all Wooster has a wonderful support system for international students. There is always someone to talk to, whether it is because you are having any problems or if you just want to chat. The international community itself is given the opportunity to host many events, hence creating close bonds within the group. At the same time, there are ample opportunities to mingle, and understand the culture of our host country. I think it is this, open minded and welcoming, attitude that all the alumni spoke about which helped me decide that I would be happy at Wooster.

I would say that the three words that best describe the College are “small, eclectic, and challenging.” I participate in many of the student organizations available at Wooster such as, Model United Nations, South Asia Committee, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Muslim Student Association. I also participate in several academic, cultural and housing programs such as being a resident assistant, and the Ambassadors Program.

My sophomore year, there was a really bad storm and the lights went out. It was a Sunday, and I was working on an extremely long and difficult problem set that was due on Wednesday. As I was in the basement, I did not know what was going on outside but all of a sudden the computers turned off and in the library computers everything gets erased on restart. Everyone in the basement was frustrated because they had lost their work. We all just went outside to see what was going on and we realized there was a horrible storm. Trees had fallen around us and for an hour everyone just sat there not knowing what to do. The lights were out for most of the night, so it ended up being quite fun because people just got together and played board games and made the most of time. We ended up getting an extension on the assignment so everything turned out well!

What I cherish about my time at Wooster are all the different people that I have met and become friends with. I am surprised how fast time as passed by! It’ll be difficult to say goodbye, especially to all the opportunities that Wooster offers like the Social Entrepreneurship program. Through the program, I was able to work in a professional environment with a non profit organization. This was the first time I actually worked in such a professional capacity. Instead of being an intern, I actually got to experience being a consultant. I hope that prospective students will figure out that Wooster is a really good, competitive school and that rankings do not present a complete picture. My Wooster experience has taught me that I have become more independent, and have learnt how to positively deal with setbacks.

The only thing I would have liked to have know about Wooster as a prospective student is how big the town of Wooster is. If you come from a big city it may take a while to become accustomed to Wooster, however, with all the friends I have made, it sure is fun exploring the town with others. One thing I would recommend for anyone concerned about financing a Wooster education is to get in touch with the financial aid as early as possible. The staff is nice and really helpful.