Fatima Naqvi

Fatima Naqvi '10

Sociology Major and Womens, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Minor

I chose to attend the College of Wooster because it offered a generous financial aid packet. I would describe Wooster as being diverse, exciting, and comforting. I am apart of the Sociology/Anthropology Club and work for the Information Technology office, Career Services, and in the Sociology/Anthropology office. My most memorable time at Wooster has been filling the Kauke arch with snow! I cherish all the friends I have made and the support these friends and faculty members have given me.

Initially, when I became homesick there were so many people who I could talk to because the people at Wooster are like a support group not just acquaintances. I am surprised how each year I have appreciated this place more and more. My first year, I was determined to transfer, and now I am scared to even leave this place when I’m done. Wooster is small and far away from big cities, making you sometimes feel like there is no escape. However, being in such a small town environment provides individuals with experiences that cannot be experienced in a big city environment. The friends you make your first year will remain your friends throughout your entire time at Wooster.