Seamus Sands

Seamus Sands '14

Northern Ireland
Business Economics

I came to Wooster because I received an opportunity for a scholarship that allowed me to study in an american college for a year. I chose the College of Wooster after researching many colleges due to its location and the fantastic I.S. program. I would describe Wooster as: “home-like”, diverse, and inspiring.

During my time here I have been involved in numerous organizations including Model United Nations, Cross Cultural Living & Experience Program, Global Engagement Network and Catholic Student Association. Within these programs I have been able to travel to Chicago to represent the college and organize events.

My favorite Wooster memory is of the International Orientation as it was my first day on campus. I was able to feel a part of the college straight away because all the other international students were looking to make friendships. Through my year here I have made friendships with many faculty and staff compared to my experience of college at home. Before Christmas when I fell ill my professors showed a lot of compassion towards me, which was helpful. Frequently I would engage in conversation and laughter with my professors.

The college has helped me hugely because in Ireland we have a system that only allows us to have one major and we do all the classes around this, whereas in the college of Wooster I have been opened to a lot more information and variety that have given me a whole new world perspective.