Toni-Marie Small

Toni-Marie Small '12

Chemistry Major

I stumbled across the College of Wooster website when I was browsing for colleges. Investigating further, I stumbled upon pictures of students moving in. They looked so happy, so I navigated my way through the website reading all the traditions and so on and fell in love with it! If I had three words to describe the College of Wooster, they would be: community, opportunity, and caring. The College of Wooster has a broad selection of extracurricular activities; I am involved with First Responders, The Scot Cheerleaders, and Delta Phi Alpha sorority.

During the summer I had the pleasure of participating in the summer research program offered at the College of Wooster. It was the best opportunity I have experienced at Wooster; not only did I learn a lot about chemistry, but I gained a lot of knowledge about myself, experiencing first-hand the process of conducting research, and most of all, having the chance to get to know my adviser over the summer. The academic experience here at the College of Wooster has opened my mind to new and different interests than I did before I arrived!