Independent Minds, Working Together
Epsilon Kappa Omicron

Epsilon Kappa Omicron

Founded in 1943, Epsilon Kappa Omicron is a women's organization that strives to promote sisterhood through a variety of goals the group holds to be important.  These include friendship, scholarship, individuality, teaching and keeping the traditions of EKO, awareness and involvement in campus activities, opportunities to develop leaderships skills, as well as service projects involving the campus and the community.  Members work to embody the motto "Excellence, Kindness, and Oneness" throughout their daily lives and share a bond of sisterhood that will last a lifetime.  The group is represented by the colors green and gold, as well as the Narcissus flower and Echo, the Greek mythical nymph.


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Co-Presidents: Lindsay McQuiston and Sasha Maharaj

Website: EKO Website