International Students

International Student and Scholar Services

Who Are We?

International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) prepares students to become engaged leaders of character and influence in an interdependent global community. We support international students, exchange students, global nomads, and language assistants as they adjust to new cultures. We encourage and celebrate their unique contributions to the diversity and inclusivity of the campus community and beyond.

For New Students

You’ve decided to come to Wooster – be sure check the dates of mandatory deadlines and programs for all new international students before you make travel arrangements. Before you arrive in the United States you will need to apply for your student visa and to book a flight that will enable you to arrive on campus in time for International Student Orientation (known as Woo@First Glance). Welcome to Wooster – we look forward to meeting you!

For All Students

Settling into a new country and culture can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy for you. Everything you need to know about being an international student at Wooster is here in one place!

ISS can help you understand immigration laws and your responsibilities, how to legally work on campus and can clarify some American laws that you really should know. We even provide tips on how to enjoy an Ohio winter!

We know that Wooster students are serious about their academic lives, but they also like to get involved and to keep busy. Whether you have questions about living on campus or about the community of Wooster beyond the borders of Wooster, ISS can help.

And once you graduate, don’t forget us! Keep in touch, and let us know where your lives take you once you leave Wooster. We miss you already!