Ambassador presentation

Ambassador Audiences

Most Ambassadors Program events are personalized for specific audiences and, therefore, are not open to the public.

About 60% of our talks take place at The College of Wooster. Highlights include:

  • Multiple talks in COW classes
  • Shared Fast: co-hosted with Interfaith Campus Ministries. This is a joint celebration of Ramadan and the Jewish Sabbath in September
  • Custodial Conversation: co-hosted with Custodial Services. This lunchtime event is open to custodial staff at the College. Past conversations have explained the traditions associated with the Hindu holiday of Diwali and Islam 101
  • Earth Day Celebration: co-hosted with the Environmental Studies Program. This annual event investigates international perspectives of environmental issues
  • International Education Week Events

About 40% of our talks take place off campus. Highlights include:

  • Wayne County Schools Career Center, Nursing Class: Each year several Ambassadors visit WCSCC to discuss cultural differences in health care
  • Video-conferencing: If you are located far from Wooster, the Ambassadors Program has the ability to beam directly into your classroom via video-conference
  • WE (Wooster Ethnic) Fair. This is Wooster’s premier diversity-themed event. Held annually in April at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, this free event is open to the entire community, and provides international food, fun and family entertainment.