The Application Process


The application process is a 2-step process. The first step includes an essay, a brief résumé, and references. Then selected applicants will be invited to participate in the second step: to make a short presentation to the selection committee.

The deadline for those wishing to be Ambassadors in 2015-2016 is February 6, 2015, at 11:59 pm.

The application form is available online. You will need to use your email password to log in.

If you will be studying off campus in Spring 2015 and would still like to be considered you can apply online and we will set up a telephone or Skype interview.

Applications will be reviewed by the Ambassadors Program Committee which consists of faculty and staff members, as well as past Ambassadors.

** A note about references:  Make sure you tell the people who are writing your letters that this reference should be short - a short paragraph is ideal. It should touch on why you would be a good Ambassador.  There is no need for a formal reference on headed paper.


The next stage of the application process will be an interview and a brief presentation to be made to the selection committee.

Interviews will be held the week of February 23, 2015; days and times will be available after the application deadline. We will contact you to set up a time (please do not miss class for your interview - we will find a time that works).  All interviews will take place in Babcock Formal Lounge.

You are expected to answer the following question:

Ambassadors talk to many different audiences. How would you discuss the topic you chose to research (and wrote about in your essay) with the following audiences:

  • A middle school class (ages 10-13)
  • A group of your college peers
  • A group of retired professionals?


Some suggestions of things to think about for the interview:

  • How would your presentation change with the different audiences?
  • How will you maintain the interest and attention of the different age groups?
  • Will the interactive activities change depending on the audience?
  • Will you have handouts?
  • Will you use technology? If so, what kind...?
  • Think about the kinds of artifacts that you would use to illustrate your points.
  • How will you conduct your research?

We are not expecting that you will be an expert in your chosen subject yet (that's why you do the investigations over the summer), or that you will have a polished professional presentation.

Please do not bring technology to use during your interview.  It always takes too long to set up and never works properly.  Instead, please tell us HOW you plan to use technology in your talks.

We are looking for people who have some good creative ideas about how to gather their information and present their findings. There will be training and practice opportunities before you are expected to make any presentations.