Ambassador Research and Cultural Objects

Ambassadors Investigate Many Topics

We want Ambassadors to know what they are talking about! So, over the summer break Ambassadors will investigate and gather information about many subjects relevant to their home country/culture - whether political, social, religious or cultural.

What's Expected of an Ambassador

  • Research for around 200 hours over the summer. (The exact breakdown of the work is up to each Ambassador).
  • Check in with the Program Coordinator periodically over the summer to let me know how you are doing).


Some research topics will be set by the Program Coordinator, some will be requested by local schools and organizations. The majority are determined by the Ambassadors.


All Ambassadors receive a fellowship to cover the time that they spend researching and collecting.

This money belongs to the Ambassador, unless they fail to return to the College of Wooster, when this money must be returned in full to the Ambassadors Program. This fellowship funding is separate from the "cultural object" budget.

Cultural Objects

Ambassadors are given funds to purchase cultural objects to illustrate their research and their home cultures. Anything purchased for the Program using this funding becomes the property of the Ambassadors Program; any unspent money must be returned to the Program.

These items are used in presentations throughout the year.