Mission and Vision

CDI Vision

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is a collaborative nexus of programs and offices that advance the following vision:

The College of Wooster has been committed to diversity since its founding in 1866. We believe that academic excellence in a liberal arts education requires a learning culture wherein students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds and points of view engage in dialogue within and across the disciplines on inquiry. Therefore, we actively seek and welcome diverse perspectives and people but also seek to redress legacies of exclusion and injustice, and to advance a global perspective by including members of communities from throughout the world. On the basis of these commitments, we seek to foster an inclusive learning community on our campus that intentionally builds diversity of race, class, sex, ethnicity, religious creed, national identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, veteran status, and age among other areas.

CDI Mission Statement

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion works in concert with the College’s student life and academic programs (1) to promote a diverse, welcoming campus climate for the College’s students, staff, and faculty and (2) to foster global understanding and commitment to global engagement for all members of our community.

Programming Goals:

  1. To promote a visible presence on campus with an effective message of collaboration, inclusion, and community;
  2. To provide resources for and to develop community among students, staff, and faculty from minority and historically underserved communities;
  3. To promote international diversity;
  4. To promote off-campus curricular programming; and
  5. To develop programming that enhances cultural competency, cross-cultural perspectives, and global understanding for the campus and the local community.