Students APEX helping new student with ARCH


Do I have to stay on campus?

Students are required to stay in on campus housing so that they can participate fully in the programs. There is no additional cost for students attending Summer ARCH. 

There is no parent housing on-campus. Parents may choose any one of the local lodging establishments.

What do I need to bring?

Travel light. Bring your own toiletries and whatever clothing you need for this short visit. Linens, pillow, and towel will be provided for students. Please note the student housing for ARCH does not have air conditioning, you may bring a fan if you would like. You will be using portable technology throughout ARCH and are encouraged to bring a laptop.

Do sessions close out?

Yes. As the June 1 deadline draws near, it becomes necessary to close sessions if they become full. Please check the website for updates to session closings.

What if I can’t attend the June ARCH program?

We recognize that circumstances may arise that prevent a student from attending Summer ARCH in June.  We will address these on an individual basis. Please contact us if this is the case.

Are parents required to attend?

We encourage at least one parent to attend, but understand that this is not always possible. Parents are expected to participate in a full program. Most families choose not to bring younger siblings, therefore childcare is not provided for children under 16.