Community Service Project

Each year, in the tradition of Community Service, members of the incoming class participate in a Community Service Project.  Each first-year student is assigned to work on a local service project, for two hours, on Saturday morning, August 23.  We look forward to you giving two hours of your time to the community that will be your home for the next four years.  Please download the appropriate liability form (17 and underwill require parent signature/18 and above student signature is required).

Please fax completed forms to the Dean of Students Office at 330-263-2094 or mail to:

The Dean of Students Office
The College of Wooster
1101 N. Bever Street
Wooster OH 44691

Volunteer opportunities have been arranged for those students requiring accommodations.  Work gloves and bottled water will be provided to those students and First Responders will be available Please bring sturdy, enclosed shoes, sun screen and insect repellent.

Community service projects vary from year to year.  Examples of last year's volunteer sites include:

Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

Students will be working at the OARDC (Ohio Agriculture Research and Design Center), a facility located in Wooster and operated by The Ohio State University. The mission of the OARDC is to enhance the well-being of the people in Ohio, the nation and world through research on foods, agriculture, family and the environment. The OARDC is a premier institution sought by: (1) Ohioans as the primary source of unbiased reserach on food, agriculture, family and the environment and (2) Domestic and international students and scholars for advanced education in food, agricultural, family and environmental research.

The Village Network

Students will be working at the Village Network - Boys' Village Campus. The mission of the Village Network is to promote responsible living and positive change in troubled children through partnerships with families and communities. Since 1946, the Village Network has specialized in the treatment and care of troubled youth. Integrated programs include residential treatment, day treatment, treatment foster care, and alternative school programs at multiple locations throughout Ohio. This extensive continuum of care allows youth at the Village Network to move within programs and network locations to meet changing treatment needs.

United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties, Inc.

The mission of this branch of the United Way is to unite people and resources in a community-wide effort to improve lives. Their experience tells them that the best way to help the most people is to focus on the underlying causes of the most serious problems. The United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties, Inc. is focused on critical issues like health care, financial stability, child development and long-term solutions.

City of Wooster/Public Properties

Students will be making a visual enhancement to the newly formed Oak Hill Park through your combined efforts. Some students will be preparing soil for seeding and planting and doing some finish grade work to several sites. Others will be working to plant sprigs that will begin to form the Ohio prairie planting sites around the pavilion. And some will prepare seed beds for a later seeding. Many students will be working side-by-side with local contractors to install a variety of trees into reforestation areas. Some will be assisting with the landscape install by positioning hardscape items.

The College of Wooster

Multiple sites on campus such as:

  • Victory Garden/Vegetable Garden - students will work in the garden which was designed and maintained by the College of Wooster's summer student empolyees and Woo Crew members.  The primary goal of this project is to serve produce grown in the garden in Lowry Dining Hall.