Service Trips

Offered by Interfaith Campus Ministries and the Wooster Volunteer Network, our goal for these trips is that a small group of Wooster students develop a community that can plan and successfully execute service and reflection through which they are exposed to people, cultures, needs, and talents outside of their regular experience. In order to build community, learn about the communities to which they are traveling, and raise funds for the experience, participants are chosen early in the fall semester of each year.

We seek to engage the group in a 'praxis' (action/reflection/action) experience that deepens their awareness of global and human interdependence and connection. Students should work and learn alongside communities with differing talents, contributions, and needs.

The reflection component brings into play a range of resources including those from the various faith traditions represented by the campus group and our hosts. The trips listed below are offered regularly. For more information, contact Interfaith Campus Ministries.