Previous Trips


In 2009 students traveled with the Chaplaincy Intern, the Chaplain, and the Director of the Wellness Center to Botswana to work with the Warm Hands Daycare. During the trip they learned about the HIV/aids crisis, painted and repaired areas around the daycare center, and worked with the children and their families. The group lived in a tent village and learned about preparing meals on an open fire pit. They also made a trip to the Ogavante delta for a mini-safari experience.


During the summer of 2007, a diverse group of College of Wooster Students traveled to Rome with the Catholic Campus Minister and the Director of the Wellness Center. While there they learned about Roman Catholicism, visited historical sites, and explored the intersections of Christian and Muslim cultures.


OICM and WVN co-sponsored two trips to the Yucatan peninsula with InterCambio Maya. These trips took place over the Winter breaks of 2003-4 and 2005-6. While there, the groups helped medical teams with check-ups, dental and visual care, and health education. They also worked on building projects that were designed and requested by the villagers.

Dominican Republic

During the summer of 2001, College of Wooster Students traveled to the Dominican Republic with the Chaplain and Director of the Wellness Center to assist with the construction of a medical center and hospital in Paraiso. Included in the trip were visits to barrios, a Haitian village in the hills near Paraiso, and a trip through the sugar cane area south of the capital.

Costa Rica

In 1999, College of Wooster students along with Campus Minister, Linda Morgan-Clement and Director of Health Services, Nancy Anderson assisted in the construction of a new building to house women who were studying Bible and theology for the Latin American Seminary in San José, Costa Rica.