Global Engagement Network

Global Engagement Network

The Global Engagement Network (GEN) is a student leadership group that supports efforts focused on community-driven change. GEN works to generate social value using principles of social entrepreneurship; this includes processes such as idea recognition, innovation, and opportunity creation. As a group, GEN encourages dialogue on campus by organizing workshops and conferences. Through these opportunities, GEN hopes to help inform and motivate students while also providing them with the tools necessary to engage in their own community development work.

GEN organizes two headline events every year: a workshop in the fall and a summit in the spring. This year's day-long workshop, led by Pastor Damon Lynch of the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, explored the topic of Asset-Based Community Development. Our inaugural summit in the Spring of 2009 focused on the general theme of global engagement, while this year’s summit, devoted to microfinance, has been developed in collaboration with Global Youth Connection and Economics Club.

Contact Information

President: Rachel Clark

Treasurer: Georgia Corran