Student Mathematical Association

SMAAC is the math club on campus, and is open to all Math and CS majors, and anyone interested in mathematics.  SMAAC's primary goals are to provide opportunities  for developing community within the mathematics department and for  increasing mathematics awareness on and around campus.  The primary project that SMAAC takes on each year is  promoting mathematical intrigue to high school students by facilitating an invitational math contest.  Each year SMAAC also sponsors several Game Nights in which math students, faculty, and friends are invited to play board games and enjoy snacks together. Other SMAAC events include Taylor Bowl--the Math vs. Physics bowl-off, and a department-wide picnic.

Contact Information

President: Michael Bush

Vice President: Sunny Mitra

Secretary: Preston Pozderac

Treasurer: Brian Foley

Advisor: Matthew Moyhihan

SMAAC Website