Mission: Noor aims at bridging the gapbetween Islamic cultures and other religions at College of Wooster community.Through discussion, debate and various events, Noor attempts to create a betterunderstanding of Islam. Noor also caters need of Muslim students on campus byproviding services such as Friday (Juma) prayers, monthly gatherings withWooster community and Eid events. Noor encourages students from differentcultures and religion to take leadership role to learn, explore, teach and representIslamic history and its teachings. We stress on creating an environment ofpeace and tolerance where religion and diversity is respected.

Contact Information

President: Samara Abdulla

Vice President: Alishan Premani

Secretary: Amrin Remtulla

Budget Director: Araam Abboud

Photographer/Tech: Dipanvita Yadav

Fundraising Manager: Bola Bamidele

Publicist: Pierce Rodriguez

Assistant: Mierkamili Mijiti

Assistant: Dalia Elmowalled

Advisor: Linda Morgan-Clement

Office information

Office Phone: 330-263-2602

Office Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Office Location: Overholt House