Formed in 2001, COWBelles is one of Wooster’s all female a capella groups. We sing everything from doo-wop and jazz, to rock and pop music. Most of our repertoire is arranged by group members. Auditions are held at the beginning of every school year, and at the beginning of Spring semester if necessary. The COWBelles have one major performance at the end of each semester. One of our favorite gigs is Soup and Belles, where we perform during Soup and Bread at Kittredge. We hope to see you at our next show!

Contact information

President: Christina Solazzo

Co-Vice President/Music Director: Alyssa Emery

Co-Vice President/Music Director: Zoe Kuhn

Secretary: Sydney Fine

Treasurer: Heather Smith

Cheerbelle (Kappa Beta Captain): Jennifer Beckley

Historian: Zoe Kuhn

Publicity: Joanna Loney

Webmaster: Lucy Brazil

Advisor: Zoe Zwegat