Independent Minds, Working Together

Woo Debates

The College of Wooster engages every student in a process of learning that places the student at its center. This ability to democratize excellence and to infuse students with self-reliance gives Wooster incomparable value. Some colleges reserve that experience for "honors" students Wooster honors every student with personal attention and the tools to develop his or her own vision.

They come from 46 states and 32 countries, from all manner of backgrounds and life experiences. They're serious about their academic lives, but they're just as intense about exploring their other interests from music to athletics, improv comedy to investing and having fun. If you ask Wooster students, they'll tell you it's easy to be yourself here because people don't try to label you and put you in a box.

See for Yourself

But don't take our word for it. Hear what our alumni have to say about their Wooster experiences. Better yet, come visit, and see for yourself. Talk with students. Sit in on a class or two and meet with the professors. Talk to a coach. Contact one of our admissions counselors and find out about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

You may just discover that Wooster is the place you were meant to be.

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