Wooster Scots For Life

Wooster Scots for Life (WSL) is a pro-life student organization dedicated to protecting and respecting human life from conception to natural death. Members promote respect for life at the College of Wooster and on a local, state, and national level. We desire to educate others on life issues, help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and to build common ground with other on-campus organizations that hold life-affirming values. WSL is a peaceful organization whose members respect the rights of every student, staff member, and faculty member on campus, regardless of belief or opinion. We seek not to stir controversy but rather to promote a diverse and well-informed campus body. WSL is neither politically nor religiously affiliated.

Student Contact/Officer Info:

President: Sarah McCrea

Treasurer: Hannah White

Secretary: Olivia Boleck

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wood

Website: Wooster Scots For Life Website