Wooster Volunteer Network (WVN)

Wooster Volunteer Network is an umbrella organization that links College of Wooster students to volunteer organizations in the Wooster, Ohio, national, and international communities. We organize volunteer opportunities on and away from the college campus, including the West Virginia Breakaway trip, trips to local volunteering organization, and informational presentations about volunteering both nationally and internationally. We also meet with individual students and groups to connect them to local and regional volunteer agencies. 

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Following a tradition which began in the 1970’s, The College of Wooster makes select houses, suites, and apartment spaces available to groups of students who commit to a shared community service program. This year, 11 groups of Wooster students are partnered with local agencies for ongoing community service and reflection. See the full list of program houses on our website


Contact Information

Program House Coordinator: Alex Gordon

Service Trip Coordinator: Jack Buchan

Treasurer: Katie Stock

Faculty Advisor: Linda Morgan-Clement

Board Member: Maddie Happ

Board Member: Marcus Carano

Board Member: Meg Heller

Co-Chair: Lauren Pugliese

Co-Chair: Gillian Spangler