End of the Year Checkout

All students will need to properly check out of their rooms at the end of the Spring Semester. Failure to properly check out will result in a $25 Improper Checkout Fee.

The residence halls close Friday, May 13, 2016 at 10am for all students who are not graduating seniors.

Graduating Seniors need to vacate by Monday, May 16, 2016 at 8pm.

If you will be in the halls past that date, review our late stay information and apply for extended housing options.

Check Out Process

Before students leave they will need to complete the following:

  • Attend hall meeting regarding closing information. Resident Assistants will be informing you of the meeting date, time and location.
  • Prepare to depart 24 hours after their last final exam or by 10am on Friday, May 13 (whichever comes first).
    *Seniors must check out by 8 p.m. Monday, May 16.
  • Remove all items from room.
  • Remove all personal belongings from common areas.
  • CLEAN—the room/house must be in the condition it was when students moved in. 
    - Wipe off desks, dressers, tables, countertops and vanities.
    - Empty  and wipe out all drawers.
    - Empty all trash cans and recycling bins. 
    - Take all trash and place inside dumpster located outside. Place all recycling in the appropriate bins.
    - Remove all posters and decorations, including anything on windows.
  • Un-bunk or un-loft beds and un-stack all furniture.  If students have adjustable beds, the top hook of the bed frame should be set on the 5th rung from the bottom.  If students need assistance, they should contact a Residence Life staff member.
  • DO NOT repair any damages to College property—this must be done by the Service Center staff.
  • Resolve any damage issues between roommates. Unless an individual accepts responsibility in writing on the check-out form or is found responsible via a judicial hearing, all persons in the living environment will be held  responsible.
  • Check out
  • Turn in hard key(s) to Campus Access in Culbertson-Slater Complex (COW Cards DO NOT need to be turned in).

How to Check Out

Students may check out of their rooms two different ways:

Schedule a check out time with your RA

Students wishing to check out of their room in person must schedule a time with their RA at least 24 hours in advance of their expected check out time. Your RA will meet with you at the scheduled time to assess the condition of the room and complete the Room Condition Report.


Complete the Express Check Out Form

Students who choose to complete the express check out form (.pdf) instead of having their RA check them out of their room in person will simply need to complete the form and turn it in to any of the following locations:

  • Any resident assistant - in their respective residence hall
  • The Campus Life Office (Lowry) - to the front desk worker
  • Campus Access/Security and Protective Services - Culbertson/Slater House (Campus Access)

**Students that choose the express check out method forfeit the right to be present during final room inspection.**

COWabunga Reusing and Recycling Program

The reusing and recycling program, COWabunga, will be available for students again this year from May 9 to May 18. Make sure to drop off gently used clothes, school supplies, and other useful items at the COWabunga bins in the Residence Halls. These bins are for recycling and reusing items, so if students see something that they want and can use, they should feel free to take it. All remaining items will be donated to Goodwill. Please contact Kevin Wokosin or Laura Leventhal with any questions. 

Dumpster Locations

There will be extra dumpsters for trash at the following locations:

Building Location Address Parking Lot #
Luce Hall 977 Beall Ave 26
Gault Schoolhouse 716 Beall Ave  
Scot Cottage 902 Beall Ave  
Compton House 816 College Ave 20
Kenarden Lodge 1209 N. Bever St 14
Andrews Hall 1307 N. Bever St 13
Armington Hall 345 E. Wayne Ave 12
Douglass Hall 475 E. Wayne Ave 11
Bissman Hall 1330 Beall Ave 11
Bornhuetter Hall 1406 Beall Ave 10
Kennedy Apt 1433 Beall Ave 7
Fairlawn Apt 1025 E. Wayne Ave  
Kittridge Hall 535 E. Wayne Ave  
Babcock Hall 1315 Beall Ave 35
Holden Hall 1101 Beal Ave 29
Frye House 966 Spink St  

Trash should not be left in the hallways, but taken out to the dumpsters listed above.

Damages and Appeals

Room inspections will be done in comparison to Room Condition Reports that were completed when students moved into their assigned spaces. As is mentioned on the Room Condition Reports, students are responsible for arranging an appointment and accompany a staff member during room inspections. Should students choose not to arrange this appointment or complete an Express Checkout Form, students waive their rights to dispute charges assessed for damage to my assigned room. If students leave before properly completing a checkout, students will be charged a $25.00 improper checkout fee.  If students leave any possessions in their assigned room beyond the occupancy period, the items become the property of The College of Wooster and student(s) will be charged for their removal.

Each students will receive notification about the damages that have been assessed to their account, along with information about the individual damages they are being charged for. If students have followed proper check-out procedures, an appeal is made possible by documenting concerns and sending the appeal to the Residential Life Office using the online appeals form. All appeals should be submitted within thirty (30) days of the date the charges are invoiced.