Early Arrival

Residence Hall Open/Close Dates for 2014-2015

All Residential Facilities will open and close during the following dates for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:

Fall Move In

August 19 – Upperclassmen Halls Open at 10 AM

Fall Break

October 3 – Halls Close at 6 PM
October 11- Halls Open at 10 AM

Winter Break

December 11- Halls Close at 6 PM
January 10 – Halls Open at 10 AM

Spring Break

March 6 – Halls Close at 6 PM
March 21- Halls Open at 10 AM

End of the Year Closing

May 7- Halls Close at 6 PM (for those not participating in Commencement)
May 11- Halls Close at 8 PM (for those participating in Commencement)

Early Arrival

Students wishing to arrive on campus early in August must be approved through the Early Arrival Process. Due to limited time between summer housing operations and Fall Move In, Individual Early Arrivals will be limited.

Students arriving on campus early as part of a team and/or group should obtain details from their Coach/Director/Employer in regards to dates and fees of needed Early Arrival.

All students not sponsored by a Coach/Director/Employer will need to complete the Early Arrival Application. There will be a $30/Night fee for all students approved through the Early Arrival Application Process. Applications received after July 25th will receive a $25 Late Fee if approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of the Early Arrival Application does not guarantee approval to arrive early to campus. Students will receive official correspondence from the Office of Residence Life of their approval to arrive early.