Summer Housing

Summer housing will be available in Andrews and Armington Halls. Limited housing will be available and preference will be given to those working on campus, international students and those participating in summer research. The Residence Life office with work with research programs to place their students in campus houses. Due to the heavy summer schedule, there will be limited houses available. All students living on campus, in summer housing, must agree to follow the terms outlined in the Summer Housing Agreement (.pdf).


Summer Housing is billed on a weekly Sunday- Saturday basis. If a resident leaves their housing assignment prior to Wednesday, they will not be charged for that week. If they on Wednesday or later they will be charged for the entire week.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 14 residents will transition into summer housing assignments. Summer housing fees will be billed to your student account for May 18 through June 30 on the July 10 bill, and for July 1 to August 8 on September 10 bill.

New This Summer

The College will be providing an optional meal plan for students living in summer housing. Meals will be available in the Lowry Dining Hall during specific times as an eat-in only option (no to-go boxes will be provided). The meal plan will include 15 meals per week and is added to the cost of the summer housing assignment.

Weekly Rates 2014 Double Single/House
Summer Housing $65 Domestic
$40 International
$70 Domestic
$45 International
Summer Housing & Meal Plan $85 Domestic
$60 International
$90 Domestic
$65 International


Students wishing to apply for summer housing need to complete the Summer Housing Application (.pdf).