​Air Conditioning

Is there air conditioning in residence halls?

Air conditioning is only provided in Brush Hall, Gault Manor, Gault Schoolhouse and Luce Hall. Otherwise, air conditioners are not permitted in residence halls unless the student is approved by the Accommodations Committee.  The process for applying for any ADA accommodation such as an air conditioner is explained by Disability Support Services.


What kinds of appliances can I have in my room?

Stereos, televisions, radios, computers, audio equipment, and clocks are permitted; refrigerators are also permitted.  Because of fire danger multiple appliances should not be attached to a single outlet and total current draw at any one time should not exceed 750 watts.  Space heaters, un-fused extension cords or power strips, and electrical heating and cooking appliances are prohibited.  The College also reserves the right to refuse or limit the use, type and number of any appliances which may be plugged into College circuits.


Where do I go when I arrive on campus?

New and transfer students check-in at their assigned Residence Hall on "main move-in day" only. Otherwise, go to Campus Access, located in Culbertson-Slater House, to pick up your ID.

Bed Size

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

Beds range from 74" to 84".


What size bedding should I purchase?

You can purchase linens using our linen program. Otherwise, you'll want to purchase extra long sheets and matching comforters or blankets for an extra-long twin bed.


Can I have candles in my room?

Candles, incense, and open-flames are prohibited in all residential facilities.


Are the rooms carpeted?

All rooms on campus are carpeted with the exception of Douglass Hall, some rooms in Compton Hall, the second and third floors of Babcock Hall, and the ground floor of Wagner.


May I bring my car to campus?

Parking is available for students on campus with the purchase of a parking permit.  Wooster offers parking to students on a first-come, first-served basis depending on academic year. For more information on parking campus, see Security & Protective Services' automobile and bicycle registration information.


Who cleans the rooms?

Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a hygienic living environment within their own rooms, but Residential Custodial Services cleans public spaces, including bathrooms, and empties trash and recycling receptacles within residence halls. Students are responsible for disposing of any trash from their room into a campus dumpster.


What kind of clothes will I need?

Bring a basic wardrobe that will last awhile. Generally, casual and sport clothing is the rule. The style of clothing is up to you, but you will need both lightweight and warm clothing for Ohio's changing weather. Bathrobes and Shower Shoes come in handy for the stroll from your room to the shower.

Community Damage

What is community damage?

Students responsible for damage resulting from abuse of facilities, negligence, or means other than those attributed to normal deterioration or wear-and-tear will be expected to assume the cost of repair or replacement. Find information about community damage billing.


Can I bring my computer?

Yes, each room has access to the college’s wireless network. 

Cooking Facilities

Can I cook in my room?

Yes, but not in the conventional sense; microwaves are the only cooking device usable in a residence hall room. Most residence halls have cooking facilities centrally located for your convenience, equipped (in most cases) with a stove, oven, microwave, and sink. Students will need to provide their own cooking supplies.


May I decorate my room?

Absolutely. We recommend using 3M Command Strip supplies (e.g., hooks, poster hangers, etc.) to hang posters or the like as they create the least damage when removed from the walls. Otherwise, feel free to bring a rug to liven up the flooring or a small plant to give your room that special touch.  You don’t want to bring decorations that, either through construction or application, permanently alter or damage the room or furnishings in any way as it may result in damage billing.

Early Arrival

Can I come to campus early?

Early arrivals are generally approved only for fall sports athletes and band members, as well as upper class student leaders such as Resident Assistants or Orientation Leaders. All early arrivals are coordinated through the Dean of Students Office.

Hall Closings

When do the halls close, and can I stay in the halls during break periods throughout the academic year?

The residence halls only close at the end of each semester. Students wishing to stay on campus for Fall, Winter and Spring Break may need to apply to stay and will have a nominal fee.  At the end of the spring semester, students are expected to leave campus within 24 hours of their last exam or on Friday at 6 p.m.—whichever comes first.  Be sure to make your travel arrangements well in advance so you can comply with this timeline.

Housing Accommodations

If you are seeking housing accommodations for a documented disability, the Housing Accommodation Committee will review appropriate documentation and assign reasonable housing accommodations to students on a yearly basis.  Appropriate housing accommodations will be considered once the student has presented clear documentation of the disability.

For additional information in applying for these accommodations, please visit Disability Accommodations.

ID Card

What is a COW Card?

COW (College Of Wooster) Cards are the identification cards used on campus. They’re necessary for students to get into residence halls, their residential room, or swipe for meals at Lowry. COW Cards are so much more than just an I.D. card—use it to pay for snacks from vending machines, as a library card,to make copies or print a paper, or use it as a debit card at local vendors like Donatos and Drug Mart.

Laundry Facilities

Where can I do laundry on campus?

There are laundry facilities in each residence hall and house, complete with washers and dryers. Laundry is at no additional cost to the student and is unlimited. Students need to bring High Efficiency detergent for the washers on campus.


Can I make or buy a loft for my room furniture?

Most beds on campus can be lofted, others bunked, to create extra space in rooms. Most of our beds come with loft kits to allow them to be lofted, and RAs can provide directions on how to do that. Only college owned loft kits are permitted.

Long Distance Calls

Will there be a phone in my room when I arrive?

No, we don't offer phones in residential rooms.  The best way to make long distance calls is with your cell phone.


Where do I get my mail, and what will my address be?

On or before July 1, new students will be assigned a Wooster campus mailbox number.  When you arrive on campus in August, you will be given the combination to unlock your mailbox. The address format for mailing items to your mailbox is: Your Name 1189 Beall Avenue, C-XXXX (box number), Wooster, OH 44691.

Mailing Packages

What if I am sending a large package?

Or shipping my entire winter wardrobe at once? Do I send it to the same address? No. Large, bulky or heavy packages (greater than 1 cubic foot) should be mailed to the Service Center rather than your on campus mailbox.

The address format for mailing large packages is:

Service Center
ATTN: Student Name
580 E. Wayne Ave.
Wooster, OH 44691

Maintenance Concerns

What if something in my room breaks?

When you check in at the beginning of the semester you will receive a Room Condition Report (RCR) to make you aware of any pending physical issues with your room. Students have 2 weeks to submit any additional changes to the RCR and not be charged for damages. Otherwise, if you find any problems with anything in your room throughout the year contact your R.A. or R.D. They'll submit a work request to our Service Center so the issue can be addressed.


Where should I go to check in? When can I move in?

Information regarding Move-In for the 2016/17 will be released shortly.


May I have a pet in my room?

Due to health and sanitation issues and the possibility of other residents’ allergic reactions, you may not keep, feed, or harbor certain pets in the residential facilities. These issues may interfere with a student’s right to a clean environment conducive to study. Animals are not permitted in public areas of residence halls. Dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, and ferrets are strictly forbidden in any residence hall. The only pets permitted are fish—in tanks no larger than 10 gallons. Your roommate’s request to live in a pet-free environment supersedes your right to have a pet in your room; check with them before you bring a fish into your living environment.  All animals, including fish, must be taken home over semester breaks. The College will not be held responsible for the safety of fish or any animal in the event of electrical power failures.

Policy Violations

What happens when a rule or policy is violated?

If you are documented for violating a College or residential housing policies you may be referred to the judicial system by way of a judicial hearing.  For more details about the judicial process read through The Scot’s Key (.pdf).

Preferred Roommates

I want to room with a friend who has applied to Wooster but has not been accepted yet. What should I do?  

We do not accept roommate requests as a part of our housing placement process for incoming first year students.  Please refer to the portion of the site for new students, which details our roommate pairing and housing assignment process.

Program Housing

How do I apply to live in a program house?

First year students are not provided the option of living in one of our program houses.

Property Insurance

Does the college provide personal property insurance?

The College does not provide personal property insurance and is not responsible for loss of or damage to students’ personal property.  It is recommended that students insure their personal property.  Students can obtain renter's insurance from many different insurance agents or check with your parents—some homeowner's insurance may cover items in the student's room.


Are there refrigerators in the rooms?

Refrigerators are not provided in the rooms. Many students choose to rent a microfridge (our office sponsors a rental service) while others opt to buy their own. If you choose to buy a refrigerator, please be sure that its output of electrical power does not exceed 750 watts.  Often, this is an area where roommates might decide that one will bring a refrigerator while the other brings something else that could be used by both.

Room Assignment Notification

When will I be notified of my housing assignment?

Upper class students are housed through a lottery process held in March & April of the preceding year.   Reminder letters and/or e-mails will be sent to upper class students by early August.  First year student housing assignment e-mails are sent to students notifying them of their roommate's name, phone number, and mailing address by the first week in August.

Room Changes

Can I change rooms after I move in?

If you and your roommate aren't getting along as well as you'd like we recommend you first speak with your roommate about any issues or concerns.  If this is unsuccessful, we ask that you speak with your R.A. They'll help you re-examine your Roommate Contract, something all first years complete to help them navigate their first year living on campus with a roommate. If changing rooms ends up being the most suitable option your Area Director will be the most appropriate person with whom to work. Room changes are permitted only after all other options have been considered. Be advised that the first two weeks of each semester are considered Room Freeze and room changes will not be considered until after these have passed.

Room Descriptions

What color are the walls, blinds and carpet?

Most rooms are painted some variation of off-white. Blinds or shades are specific to the building you're assigned—some are tan, others white, others yet cream. Carpet in most rooms is a multi-colored, non-descript pattern, but won't be found in every room. You'll see anything ranging from tile to hardwood floors, and mostly understated neutral colors of the former.

Room Furnishings

What type of furniture is in the rooms?

Is it built-in or free-standing? In most of our buildings the furniture is free-standing, but in Wagner and Compton Halls the dressers and desks are still built-in—the furniture is actually attached to the walls of the room and cannot be moved, with the exception of the beds. Otherwise, each standard double room comes with two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, and two chests of drawers or wardrobes—depending upon the building—and when applicable the room will have two lofting kits (i.e., two additional bed ends, a support rail, a safety bar, and a set of pins and clips).

Room Size

How big are the rooms?

Wooster offers a variety of room sizes—anywhere from 130 to 180 square feet—but standard double rooms are 11’ x 16’ or roughly 160 square feet.

Room Viewing

Can I come during the summer to see and/or measure my room?

Since our residence halls are utilized during the summer to house student employees, athletes, and summer conferences it is not possible for students to see or measure the rooms.


What types of measures are taken to protect my safety in the residence halls?

All of the residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students are able to access their own residence hall at all times. They are able to access other residence halls from 8 a.m. through 1 a.m. daily at central access points. After 1 a.m., the access doors will not permit entry to non-residents of the buildings. It is very important that students not allow persons whom they do not know to enter the residence halls.  Students are responsible for ensuring that their room doors are kept locked at all times. It is important for roommates to discuss the importance of keeping their possessions safe by keeping the doors locked.

Single Gender Housing

Are there any residence halls that are single gender?

There no longer any residence halls that house only one gender, but all first-year housing is co-ed by floor.  In other words, if you’re a female you’ll only live on a floor with other females.

Single Rooms

Are single rooms available for first-years?

Single rooms are available only for first-years with a need for ADA Accomodations. Otherwise, most first-years live in standard double rooms—with few exceptions, such as triple rooms.


Can I smoke in my room? Tobacco products in general are not permitted in the Residence Halls on campus, and is a documentable offense  Smoking is only permitted within a 25 foot radius of any campus building.


What is an R.A.?

Resident Assistants (R.A.s) are students are employed by the Office of Residence Life to work and live among students in residential communities. R.A.s fulfill a variety of roles, such as helping students to form strong communities; acting as a resource to students with personal and/or academically related problems; educating students through appropriate challenges as well as support of current values and beliefs; and positively shaping community behavior.


Is there a place for me to store my belongings? 

Due to liability reasons, the Office of Residence Life does not offer student storage on campus.  

Summer Housing

Is summer housing available?

Limited summer housing is available for a nominal fee to students who are researching with faculty members or working for the College during the summer. The process for summer housing is completed during the latter portion of the spring semester. Space is limited and not guaranteed to those requesting housing after the summer application deadline.

Travel Info

Is there access to an airport or bus station?

Student Government Association offers break shuttles to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE; about 50 miles from Wooster) and the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK; about 40 miles from Wooster).  Advance registration for these shuttles is required, and a list of shuttle times is available in the Student Activities Office.  The closest Amtrak station is in Elyria, Ohio, about 40 miles northwest of Wooster.  There is also a Greyhound bus station in Wooster.  However, students most frequently carpool or share a taxicab.

What Else

Is this everything I need to know?

No, but it’s a start. If you have other questions pertaining to housing, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life, Lowry Center, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH 44691. You can reach us via phone 330-263-2498, fax 330-263-2060, or email.

Yes, each room is equipped with network ports for each person in the room. All residence hall rooms are networked, and all public areas have wireless. Additionally,