Incoming first year students are paired together and placed in a residence hall building and room assignment by Residence Life.  Most first year students are assigned to double rooms, so the majority of incoming first year students will have a roommate.

Roommate Matches

Wooster takes extraordinary care in pairing first year roommates, taking into account such things as:

  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Sleep schedule
  • Smoker vs. non-smoker
  • Neat vs. disorganized
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results

In general we find students to have an even better residential experience if we pair for compatibility.  We utilize your MBTI results, combined with your housing application, to pair you with a roommate.  We use “ideal matches” within the MBTI types as our starting point and continue to utilize additional application information and insights learned from all of the materials to make the best possible roommate pairs.

Roommate Requests

We often find that when students make a roommate request, they and their roommate are not in an “ideal match” group.  If this occurs, we continue with the roommate pairing process and pair you with another student.  If your requested roommate fell into your “ideal match” group, we are happy to honor the roommate request.

Room Assignments

When placing paired students into building and room assignments, we are very intentional about building strong communities.  We carefully consider MBTI types, as well as the characteristics and interests of the pairs, in order to build well-balanced halls consisting of diverse students.  This process allows for students to live in a more compatible environment as part of a community of students with a wide variety of personalities and interests.

Special Considerations

If a student has a medical or American Disability Act (ADA) accommodation request, they should contact the Office of Residence Life to begin the process of completing the Housing Accommodation Application (.pdf).

Off Campus Exemption

The College of Wooster is a residential campus. All students must live on campus; however a limited number of
exemptions are made for students requesting to live off campus. Read more and apply for Off Campus Exemption (.pdf).