Special Interest Housing

Off Campus Exemption Information

The College of Wooster is a residential campus. All students must live on campus; however a limited number of exemptions are made for students requesting to live off campus. If interested in an off campus exemption, please contact the Office directly. 

Approval for an off campus living exemption is limited to…

  • Students who would prefer to live at home with a legal parent or guardian within the local community
  • Students who have a medical condition requiring off campus living facilities
  • Students who are non-traditionally aged and are living with a spouse or children in the local community 

Women of Images

We are the Women of Images. Our program is here to serve as a support program for the incoming and current women of color in the campus community. In this program, first year women have the opportunity to learn from upper-class women about the many adjustments needed in the transition from high school to college. We also serve to further cultural awareness on the college campus and in the surrounding Wooster community. We do this through the planning and implementing of campus wide events which serve to increase campus awareness of the contributions made to America by Women of Color. For those interested, we encourage you to take advantage of all that we have to offer and to get involved.

Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral housing is an environment where student housing is not restricted to traditional limitations of the gender binary. Students may be assigned a roommate of any gender, and will not be asked by The Office of Residence Life to identify their own gender during the placement process. Students living in this housing option will share a common bathroom/shower unit with all members of the housing option. The housing option is open to any students who are committed to the purpose of Gender Neutral Housing and feel it meets their own needs. Gender Neutral Housing is not co-ed housing.