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The College of Wooster has 15 Residence Halls, each offering a unique and distinct living environment.  First year students typically reside in one of our First Year Centers while Upper class students have a variety of housing options available to them.

Hall Floor Plans

Floor plans (.pdf) of every Residence Hall are now available online. Floor plans include the Room Number and the occupancy of the room. Square footage for specific rooms are not available.

First Year Centers

Bissman Hall

Bornhuetter Hall

Compton Hall

Wagner Hall

Douglass Hall (Transition & Gap Year Students)

Upperclass Residence Halls

Andrews Hall

Armington Hall

Babcock Hall (Houses the C3 Program)

Culbertson & Slater House

Gault Manor

Gault Schoolhouse (Opening in August 2014)

Holden Annex

Holden Hall

Kenarden Lodge

Luce Hall (Houses the Language Suites)

Rubbermaid Center

Stevenson Hall