What is a debit account?

A debit account is distinct from a credit card. When you activate your debit account, you “load” the account with an amount of money you choose ($25 is the minimum initial deposit). That money can then be used for purchases at the locations listed above, with additional sites to be added. Rather than use cash, a check, or a credit card for the purchase, you simply present your C.O.W. Card. It is “swiped” like a credit card, and the amount of the purchase is deducted from your debit account. An account must have a balance equal to or exceeding a purchase for a transaction to be authorized.

How do I activate my C.O.W. Card as a debit account?

You may open your C.O.W. Card debit account using the following methods:

  • Register online at ManageMyID.
    Enter your ID number (located on the back of your COW Card under the barcode all 10 digits) and name (as it appears on your ID), you will then be prompted to create and enter a password. Once you have registered you can add money to your account instantly using a credit card (MasterCard, Discover & American Express). A convenience fee is applicable for each transaction.
  • Sign and mail the C.O.W. Card Agreement and Initial Deposit (.pdf) form directly to:
    Financial Service Counter 
    The College of Wooster
    1189 Beall Avenue
    Wooster OH 44691-2363
    With a minimum $25 initial deposit, via check, made payable to The College of Wooster. (This method requires a waiting period of two (2) business days following receipt of payment before your account may be used.)
  • During or after Semester I check-in, you may take your C.O.W. Card to the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore Financial Services Counter and make a minimum $25 deposit to the account via cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover & American Express.)

How do I add subsequent deposits to my debit account?

Once your C.O.W. Card debit account has been opened, additional deposits may be made to your account by using ManageMyID by credit card (MasterCard, Discover & American Express), OR in person during normal business hours in the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore by cash, check ($5 minimum), credit card (MasterCard, Discover & American Express). You also may mail checks to the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore. Please include the student's name and I.D. number to help assure timely processing.

How do I keep track of my balance?

Each time you make a purchase with your C.O.W. Card, the remaining account balance will be displayed. You can also keep track of it with ManageMyID. You can request a printed statement of past transactions from the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore Financial Services Counter or at the Campus Dining Services Administrative Office and the statement will be mailed to your campus address within two (2) business days. Only the student or owner of the C.O.W Card may request this information.

What if I think there is an error?

If there appears to be an error on a statement or a receipt, a cardholder should report to the Campus Dining Service Administrative Office. Inquiries will be researched and the results will be available within 10 business days.

Can I use my C.O.W. Card to withdraw cash?

No. The C.O.W. Card can be used only for purchases.

Can I use my C.O.W. Card to purchase alcohol and tobacco at off campus locations?

No. The C.O.W. Card can not be used for those types of purchases.

Are "Meal Plan Flex Dollars" and C.O.W. Card debit money the same?

No, "Meal Plan Flex Dollars" are related directly to your meal plan and can be used for student dining only at Lowry Dining Center, Kittredge, Mom’s, Old Main Café, MacLeod’s, Pop’s Sub Shop. When you activate your COW Card debit account, you “load” the account with an amount of money you choose ($25 is the minimum initial deposit). COW Card debit money can be used for purchases at various on-campus and off-campus locations, as well as off campus vendors.

What happens if I return a purchase?

Returned items originally purchased on a C.O.W. Card account will be credited back to that account. The receipt must be presented to return any item for credit to the account. No cash refunds are made.

What do I do if I lose my C.O.W. Card or if it is stolen?

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately either on ManageMyID or to the Keys and IDs Office in person or by phone 330-263-2564 during business hours. After hours, Campus Security should be contacted at 330-263-2590. The sooner a lost or stolen card is reported, the less liability there will be for unauthorized charges. The cardholder is responsible for purchases made and debited to the account prior to notification of the Keys and IDs Office or Security. If the loss is not reported within two (2) days, the potential liability for unauthorized charges may be limited only by the total dollar amount available in the account.

A card should never be loaned or borrowed. The card is for the cardholder's use only. Only the cardholder can present the card for facility entrance, dining hall entrance, or use as a debit card. A card will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the card owner.

Replacement cards are issued during office hours at the Keys and IDs Office for damaged, lost or stolen cards. The fee is $30 for damaged, lost or stolen cards.

How do I deactivate my debit account?

A C.O.W. Card account is essentially deactivated when the balance drops to zero. A refund may be requested for a $10 processing fee. Refund Request forms (.pdf) are available online or at the Campus Dining Services Administrative Office. Unexpended funds are held in the C.O.W. Card account for the duration of enrollment or employment at The College of Wooster. Students who elect to deactivate the account while still enrolled at the College will be charged a $10 processing fee.

What else do I need to know?

No renewals are necessary. The C.O.W. Card is valid for the length of enrollment or employment and will be deactivated for access purposes only at separation. Any student withdrawing or graduating from the College of Wooster with a remaining balance of $10.00 or less on his or her C.O.W. Card Account will forfeit that balance as a closing fee for the C.O.W. Card Account. A Refund Request form (.pdf) must be filled out by the withdrawing or graduating student in order to obtain a refund. If no request is made at the time of separation from The College of Wooster the remaining balance will be forfeited. No holes should be made in the card by the cardholder. A hole punched anywhere near the magnetic stripe, picture or bar code may make the card unusable. Wilson Bookstore sells a variety of card holders that protect the card. If a hole must be made in the card, the cardholder should ask the Keys and IDs Office to use the special card punch to make the hole at the left center edge.

NOTE: Protect cards from damage. To protect the magnetic stripe, the card should be kept away from magnets, computers, stereos, televisions or anything that may have magnetic activity. If the magnetic stripe is damaged, the readers will be unable to read the card. If it is left out in the sun, heat will warp the card. If it is left out in the cold, it may become brittle. If the card is damaged, it should be returned to the Key & IDs Office for a replacement. A $30 replacement fee will be charged.