Zvavahera Michael Chirenje ’77Zvavahera Michael Chirenje ’77

Executive Director, University of Zimbabwe-University of California San Francisco Collaborative Research Program on Women’s Health

Dr. Gregory C. Postel ‘84Dr. Gregory C. Postel ‘84

Interim President, University of Louisville

Jeff Reiter '87Jeff Reiter '87

Co-Director, Behavioral Health Consultation, HealthPoint Community Health Center

Ashita Gurnani '10Ashita Gurnani '10

Center of Excellence on Brain Aging, NYU Medical Center

Susan Albers '97Susan Albers '97

Clinical Psychologist, The Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center

Mike Knapic '91Mike Knapic '91

Doctor of Osteopathy, Wooster Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Brooke Barnard '04Brooke Barnard '04

Social worker, University Hospitals of Cleveland

Sangram S. Sisodia '77Sangram S. Sisodia '77

Professor of Neurosciences & Director of the Center for Molecular Neurobiology, The University of Chicago

Hai Dang Nguyen ’06Hai Dang Nguyen ’06

Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology